Course Enrollment Limitations

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Course Enrollment Limits and Cancellation

Effective: April 30, 2012
Last Updated: Approved by EPC December 14, 2011approved by Campus Assembly April 17, 2012
Policy Owner: Academic Affairs

Enrollment limits for course sections

Departments or programs may set minimum and maximum enrollment limits for any course or any section of a course. Enrollment limits are subject to approval by the dean.

Cancellation of low-enrollment courses

1. Each collegiate unit must maintain a policy regarding the cancellation of low-enrollment courses or sections. These policies may differ across colleges and may allow variations by department. Any such policy must, at a minimum, take into account (a) the effect of cancellation of a course or courses on student academic progress and graduation, (b) the need for a course to contribute to appropriate program breadth and curriculum, (c) commitments made to instructors that a course would be offered, and (d) institutional commitments to outside organizations.

2. In the event that a course is canceled, preferably it would be canceled before the beginning of the term, but no later than the second class meeting of the term.