2008 Tenure Application Contract

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Application of the Tenure Code Approved by the Board of Regents June 8, 2007 to Faculty Covered by UEA Contract 

Please note that a section of the Tenure Code may be inapplicable because it is in conflict with explicit provisions of the collective bargaining agreement, or because the subject matter is addressed in the collective bargaining agreement in detail without mention of the specific issue addressed in the Tenure Code, or because the section of the new code deals with terms and conditions of employment, hence negotiable. Thus, the fact that a section of the Tenure Code is inapplicable to UEA faculty does not necessarily mean that the collective bargaining agreement calls for a different result in a specific situation.

 Section 1.        Academic Freedom

                        1.1       Applicable except the last paragraph on Academic Freedom and


                        1.2       Applicable except the last sentence


Section 2.         Applicability of Regulations and Continuity of Appointments

                        2.1       Applicable except the last sentence

                        2.2       Applicable


Section 3.         Faculty Ranks and Types of Appointments

                        3.1       Applicable

                        3.2       Inapplicable

                        3.3       Applicable.

                                    NOTE : The reports which go to the Tenure Committee concerning the use of non-regular appointments do not have the effect of conferring the Tenure Committee with jurisdiction over disputes arising between bargaining unit faculty and the University.


                        3.4       Applicable except that subsection (11) is inapplicable.

                        3.5       Applicable.

                        3.6       Applicable except that the final paragraph of Section 3.6 is inapplicable.


Section 4.         Terms of Faculty Employment

                        4.1       Inapplicable

                        4.2       Applicable

                        4.3       Applicable

                        4.4       Inapplicable except that paragraph 1 is applicable.

                        4.5       Inapplicable


Section 5.         Maximum Period of Probationary Service

                        5.1       Inapplicable

                        5.2       Applicable

                        5.3       Inapplicable

                        5.41     Applicable

                        5.42     Inapplicable

                        5.43     Inapplicable

                        5.5       Inapplicable


Section 6.         Tenure of Faculty on Regular Probationary Appointments

                        6.1       Applicable

                        6.2       Inapplicable

                        6.21     Applicable

                        6.22     Inapplicable

                        6.3       Inapplicable

                        6.4       Inapplicable

                        6.5       Inapplicable


Section 7.         Personnel Decisions Concerning Probationary Faculty

                        7.11     Applicable

                        7.12     Applicable except third and fourth sentences to read "Each department statement must be approved by a faculty vote (including both tenured and probationary members) and the dean; after review by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration and the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, each department statement must be approved by the Chancellor. The Principal Administrator of each academic unit must provide each probationary faculty member with a copy of the Departmental Statement at the beginning of the probationary service."

                        7.2       Inapplicable

                        7.3       Inapplicable

                        7.4       Inapplicable

                        7.5       Inapplicable

                        7.6       Inapplicable

                        7.61     Inapplicable

                        7.62     Inapplicable

                        7.63     Inapplicable

                        7.7       Inapplicable

                        7a.1     Inapplicable

                        7a.2     Inapplicable

                        7a.3     Inapplicable

                        7a.4     Inapplicable

                        7a.5     Inapplicable


Section 8.         Improper Refusal of a New Appointment to a Regular Non-Faculty Member



Section 9.         Appointment of Associate Professors and Professors with Indefinite Tenure

9.1           Inapplicable

9.2           Applicable except for reference to footnote 9


Section 10.       Unrequested Leave of Absence for Disability; Termination or Suspension of a

                        Faculty Appointment for Cause
                                    10.1     Inapplicable

                        10.21   Inapplicable

                        10.22   Inapplicable

                        10.3     Inapplicable


Section 11.       Fiscal Emergency

                        11.1     Applicable

                        11.2     Applicable

                        11.3     Applicable

                        11.4     Inapplicable

                        11.5     Applicable except to the extent that it authorizes termination or suspension of

                                    faculty appointments as provided in Section 11.4 because Section 11.4 is


                        11.51   Applicable

                        11.52   Applicable

                        11.53   Applicable except to the extent that it references Section 11.6 because Section

                                          11.6 is inapplicable.

                        11.61   Inapplicable

                        11.62   Inapplicable

                        11.63   Inapplicable

                        11.64   Inapplicable

                        11.7     Inapplicable


Section 12.       Programmatic Change

                        12.1     Applicable

                        12.2     Inapplicable

                        12.3     Inapplicable

                        12.4     Inapplicable


Section 13.       Judicial Committee

                        13.1     Inapplicable

                        13.2     Inapplicable

                        13.3     Inapplicable

                        13.4     Inapplicable

                        13.5     Inapplicable


Section 14.       Procedures in Cases of Un-requested Leave of Absence or Termination or

                        Suspension of a Faculty Appointment for Cause

                        14.1     Inapplicable

                        14.2     Inapplicable

                        14.3     Inapplicable

                        14.4     Inapplicable

                        14.5     Inapplicable

                        14.6     Inapplicable

                        14.7     Inapplicable


Section 15.       Appeals to the Judicial Committee

                        15.1     Inapplicable

                        15.2     Inapplicable

                        15.3     Inapplicable

                        15.4     Inapplicable

                        15.5     Inapplicable

                        15.6     Inapplicable

                        15.7     Inapplicable


Section 16.       Tenure Committee

                        16.1     Applicable

                        16.2     Limited Applicability

                        16.3     Limited Applicability

                        16.4     Limited Applicability


            NOTE: The reports which go to the Tenure Committee concerning the use of non-regular (term) appointments do not have the effect of conferring the Tenure Committee with jurisdiction over disputes between bargaining unit faculty and the University


Section 17.       Written Notice



Section 18.       Publication



Section 19.       Amendment




                        [1]       Applicable

                        [2]       Inapplicable

                        [3]       Applicable

                        [4]       Applicable except the first sentence

                        [5]       Applicable

                        [6]       Inapplicable

                        [7]       Inapplicable

                        [8]       Applicable

                        [9]       Inapplicable

                        [10]     Inapplicable



                        1          Inapplicable, timeline expired

                        2          Applicable

                        3          Inapplicable

                        4          Inapplicable

                        5          Inapplicable

                        6          Applicable as modified above

                        7          Applicable

                        8          Inapplicable

                        9          Inapplicable

                        10        Inapplicable

                        11        Inapplicable