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Promotion & Tenure

Promotion and Tenure Resources

Tenure-track faculty holding a probationary appointment follow procedures outlined in the UEA contract for annual probationary review (section 201.600) and for promotion and conferral of indefinite tenure (section 201.400). Goals and expectations for the faculty’s teaching; research, scholarship, or creative activity; and contributions to service and outreach are specified in the respective academic department’s 7.12 document.

Exceptions may be allowed for computing Years of Service. Such exceptions include: leaves without pay or working for another employer (section 201.262), parenthood (201.264), and medical reasons (201.266). For consideration of any exception, follow the UEA contract procedures and use the forms provided below. To apply for an uncompensated leave, the faculty submits a written application to the Dean of his/her/their collegiate unit.
Stop the clock form - parenthood
Stop the clock form - medical

Promotion and/or tenure instructions are provided annually with up-to-date instructions and timelines. The memo below includes details and the timeline for faculty applying for indefinite tenure, promotion to associate professor, and promotion to full professor. Faculty may use the form below to initiate the process, as described in the memo.

P&T instructions FY20

P&T timeline FY20

Declaration of Intent for Promotion and/or Tenure

Promotion & Tenure Readiness Form  

The Board of Regents Policy on Faculty Tenure and historical tenure information for the University of Minnesota is summarized on the Faculty Tenure Policy webpage.

Appraisals of Probationary Faculty (Form 25s)
(Fillable PDF available by opening with Adobe Reader or Adobe Pro)