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Scholarships at UMD

The following scholarship programs honor entering first-year students for past accomplishments and recognize the gifts and potential they bring to the UMD community. Merit scholarships require students to submit a completed application for admission by December 1. Students will receive the highest amount for which they are eligible.

Merit Scholarships

Best of Class Scholarship50% of resident tuitionMinnesota residents who rank #1 or #2 in their high school class
UMD ScholarshipUp to $24,000 over 4 years4.0+ GPA and 33 - 36 ACT
Up to $15,000 over 4 years3.9+ GPA and 31 - 32 ACT
Up to $10,000 over 4 years3.8+ GPA and 28 - 30 ACT
Up to $4,000 over 4 years3.6+ GPA and 26 - 27 ACT
Up to $4,000 over 4 yearsAwarded to diverse students based on academic acheivement
Dependent upon RaiseMe portfolio3.2+ core GPA and completed RaiseMe portfolio by December 1

Alumni Scholarships

UMD Alumni ScholarshipRecipients will pay current Minnesota resident tuition, renewable subject to good academic standingAwarded to non-resident, non-reciprocity students who have a parent or a grandparent who graduated from UMD

Renewal of admissions merit/alumni scholarships are contingent upon maintenance of a 3.0 University of Minnesota cumulative GPA, maintenance of full-time undergraduate status, and successful completion of 30 credits annually.

More Scholarship Opportunities

For a list of scholarships, visit the One Stop Scholarships page.