2017-18 Strategic Plan

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1. Vision 

The Office of Alumni Relations will identify where the needs and priorities of alumni overlap with those of students and the university. We will work with alumni to create programs that address these interests. These efforts will give alumni a greater voice in the present and future of UMD.

2. Mission

The Office of Alumni Relations mission is to foster a spirit of pride and loyalty to the university by connecting, creating, and providing for all alumni and friends of UMD. To encourage alumni to learn, reconnect, influence the student experience, and contribute to the direction of UMD.

 3. Goals 

 Alumni Relations Goals Mapped to the UMD and Student Life Strategic Plans:
University Goals: z.umn.edu/campusgoals
Student Life Goals: z.umn.edu/studentlifegoals

Alumni Relations Goals

Mapping to University Goals

Mapping to

Student Life Goals

Goal Area 1: Engagement

Identify alumni who want a strong connection to UMD.  Define what a meaningful experience could be for those engaged alumni (e.g. affinity group reunion; volunteer role; relationship with another department on campus) and create programs that meet those definitions.  Appropriately acknowledge and thank UMD’s most engaged alumni.


2, 6

1.1, 1.2, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2

Goal Area 2: Branding

Communicate the purpose of Alumni Relations in clear, concise, and consistent terms.  Audience for the messaging includes alumni, students, and the university community.

4, 5


Goal Area 3: Connect Alumni to Students

Connect alumni to students so that alumni experience the value of giving back to UMD, and students benefit from the skills and knowledge of alumni.

1, 5

1.2, 2.2, 5.1



Goal Area 4: Outreach

Create methods of outreach that bring UMD resources and institutional pride to alumni in places where they live and work.


2, 5

1.1, 2.1, 2.2, 5.3

Goal Area 5: Collaboration

Focus on partnerships with units and departments at UMD and elsewhere to help further the mission of Alumni Relations.



Alumni Relations Objectives/Outcomes/Assessment


Mapping to Department Goal

Assessment Strategy

Expand Bulldogs of the Last Decade (BOLD) to provide more opportunities for new volunteers.

1, 4

Implement onboarding system; new volunteers placed in committees.

Collaborate with Development Office to establish annual 50th Reunion program with leadership provided by a committee of class volunteers.

1, 4

Volunteer committee makes decisions on program and recruits classmates to attend.

Create career resource network of alumni.

1, 3, 4

  Define roles, build a marketing plan, and identify action steps for network members.

Launch nationwide alumni event (“Bulldogs on the Block”).

1, 2, 4

Event participation and survey results indicate interest from volunteers and attendees in repeat program.

Implement new motto to communicate the purpose of Alumni Relations: Connecting, Creating, Providing.


Redesigned website and newsletter reflect CCP motto; events are marketed as one or more of CCP.

Partner with Academic Affairs to develop a plan for more effectively communicating opportunities for collaboration to faculty.  Implement the system.

2, 6

Increase in collaborative events and programs.