Department of Biology

B.S., 1974, University of Minnesota, Biology
M.S., 1977, University of Minnesota, Zoology
Ph.D., 1983, Florida State University Biology

Office: 317 LSci
Phone Biology: 218-726-7774
Phone NRRI: 218-720-4270

Gerald ‘Jerry’ Niemi has been a professor in the Department of Biology since 1988. He was former director of the Center for Water and the Environment, Natural Resources Research Institute, UMD from 1988-2008, where he currently also has an appointment as a senjior research associate. Jerry has had over 25 graduate students in biology at UMD and holds graduate appointments in the Integrated Biological Sciences (IBS), Conservation Biology, and Chemical Toxicology.


Jerry has maintained an active research program focusing on birds, the loss of biological diversity, Great Lakes ecosystems, conservation biology, landscape ecology, and sustainable natural resources development.  His current projects include 1) bird conservation and management in the Great Lakes region, 2) the Minnesota breeding bird atlas, 3) environmental indicators and thresholds, and 4) predictive models of bird species occurence relative to human and natural disturbances. 

Recent Publications



  • BIOL 4763 Ornithology
  • Special topics

Current Graduate Student Projects

  • Alexis Grinde, PhD - Integrated Biological Sciences, Metapopulation and metacommunity theory: a framework for determining mechanism of avian biological diversity
  • Hannah Panci, MS - Integrated Biological Sciences, Habitiat and landscape factors that influence sedge and marsh wren abundance in Great Lakes coastal wetlands
  • Paul Dolan-Linne, MS – Integrated Biological Sciences, Spatial distributrion of breeding warblers
  • Elizabeth Condon, MS - Integrated Biological Sciences, Effect of urbanization on the stopover
  • Ted Keyel, MS - Integrated Biological Sciences
  • Joshua Bednar, MS - Integrated Biological Sciences

Recently Completed Ph.D. and Master of Science Theses

  • Anna Peterson (PhD) Airspace and habitat use by migrating birds
  • Edmund Zlonis (MS). 2012. Avian communities of managed and unmanaged boreal forests
  • Annie Bracey (MS). 2011. Window related avian mortality at a migration corridor
  • Carly Lapin (MS). 2010. Predicting breeding habitat of the Connecticut Warbler
  • Heidi Seeland (MS). 2010. Determination of raptor migratory pathways over a large landscape
  • Chris Burdett (PhD). 2007. Ecology of the Canada lynx.
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