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 Duluth Catalog 2014-2015

Academic Records

The Office of Financial Aid and Registrar (OFAR) maintains an official transcript for each student. The transcript is a complete record of all academic work attempted at UMD, a statement of cumulative credits transferred from other colleges or universities, or earned by examination or other acceptable methods.

Students may obtain official or unofficial copies of their transcripts online or by submitting a request in writing to UMD Transcripts, 184 Darland Administration Building, 1049 University Drive, Duluth, MN 55812. There is a $5 charge for official copies plus an additional charge for international, Fed Ex, or “rush” service. Students may also order official transcripts online and make payment with a credit card by visiting Unofficial transcripts can also be requested from the on-the-spot transcript service at the Student Assistance Center, 23 Solon Campus Center. There is no charge for these copies, but students are limited to one copy per visit.

Access to Student Educational Records

In accordance with regents policy and federal law on access to student records, information about a student generally may not be released to a third party without the student’s permission. (Exceptions under the law include state and federal educational and financial aid institutions.) In addition, posting lists of examination scores or course grades, or returning test materials to students in ways that make it possible for students to obtain information about other students’ scores or grades, is inappropriate. The policy does permit students to review their educational records and to challenge the contents of those records.

Some student information—name, address, electronic (e-mail) address, telephone number, dates of enrollment and enrollment status (full time, part time, not enrolled, withdrawn and date of withdrawal), college and class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior), major, adviser, academic awards and honors received, and degrees earned—is considered public or directory information. Students may prevent the release of public information. To do so, they must activate directory suppression via UMD’s Web site at (link to “View/Change your Personal Information”) or notify the Student Assistance Center, 23 Solon Campus Center. The regents policy is available for review on the Web at For more information contact the Student Assistance Center, 23 Solon Campus Center (218-726-8000).

Students may grant the University permission to release information about their student records to a third party by submitting a completed Student Information Release Authorization form which is available online at, or in person from the Student Assistance Center, 23 Solon Campus Center. The specified information will be made available only if requested by the authorized third party. The University does not automatically send information to a third party.

Parent/Guest Access

A student may use the online, self-service application called Parent/Guest Access to provide a third party (a spouse, a parent, etc.) with view-only access to:

·  Enrollment summary

·  Financial aid status

·  Grades

·  Holds

·  Student account

·  View financial aid awards

Setting Up Online Parent/Guest Access

The student using Parent/Guest Access must be active in a program at a University of Minnesota campus. The student may invite a third party to be a guest viewer via an e-mail generated within the Parent/Guest Access application. The guest responds by clicking an encoded link within the e-mail. This process associates the student record with the guest viewer and provides the guest viewer with a secure University of Minnesota Internet ID and password. The student receives e-mail notification when this step has been completed and then grants specific viewing rights to one or more of the six subject areas of their student record. Students are able to discontinue Parent/Guest Access to their record at any time.

For more information about Parent/Guest Access, visit

Grade Point Average

A cumulative grade point average (GPA), tabulated by the Office of Financial Aid and Registrar, appears on each transcript. The GPA is determined by dividing the sum of the grade points earned by the sum of the degree credits for which they were earned. Credits associated with the grade F are not applied toward the credit total needed for graduation but are included in GPA calculations. The grade N does not carry credits or grade points. The grade S carries credits but no grade points. The amount and quality of work required for a grade of S may not be less than that required for a C (2.00).

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