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Academic Affairs Council

January 22, 2007

Present: Julia Williams, Bill Gear, Lynette Carlson, Bob Lloyd

Absent: Jackie Millslagle

Meeting convened at 3:00 pm.

There was a proposal to reduce the number of credits assigned to ESAT 3210 – Exercise Adherence by one credit. The proposal eliminated the course objectives dealing with the healing athlete. The committee passed the proposal. With no technical changes to the proposal, there was consensus to approve and forward to VCAA.

The council examined and discussed several comparative charts indicating a rise in the grade point determination of graduation honors, and the disproportionate distribution of course grades across colleges. This data had been provided by Jackie for information, awareness and general discussion.

Points of discussion included the pressure felt by faculty in assigning grades to students whose evaluations help to determine promotion and tenure for faculty. This led to a continued discussion of the validity of the University’s student evaluation formats and determination of questions asked. Entrance criteria for the departments at the college were compared.  

Julia Williams, Recorder