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Academic Affairs Council

January 25, 2011

Present: Fay Maas, Jiyoon Yoon, Georgia Keeney, Lynette Carlson, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Approved minutes of previous meeting. Suggestion that minutes should include the course name in addition to designator and course numbers.

  • Hlth 3300 – Tech & Design in Hlth Ed/Promo
    • Background for this proposal was provided by Georgia. She noted that this group of students needs more instruction and experience with graphics design. This will serve about 20-30 community health students per year. This will be ‘credit neutral’ for the students. The course will be in place of the currently required Educ 3412 course. (A program change will have to be initiated by the department head after the course proposal is approved.)
    • Question about #16 (prerequisites) – the faculty member wants to delete Hlth 3303. Instructor should clarify if this is open to all health education candidates OR only majors (upper division).
    • Minor edits needed in #22 (rationale) in the third paragraph.
    • Vote: Unanimous approval pending minor changes.
    • Georgia will work with the instructor to get revisions made and resubmitted to Lynn Velander.
  • Questions on use of Course Proposal forms to be directed by Bruce to Nancy Burley.
    • Need clarification about the use of ‘Components’ for example, demonstration versus lecture. Most classes have multiple component formats within a course. How would the second rationale be applied (if different sections would be scheduled using different formats)?
    • Question about filling in #12 IF there is only one component.
    • Permission of instructor ( Can # be used AND other prerequisites)