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Academic Affairs Council

February 8, 2011

Present: Fay Maas, Georgia Keeney, Lynette Carlson, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Minutes – minor revision to January 25th minutes (delete 3303, not 3301); approved with minor correction  

  • SW 1000 Introduction to Social Welfare
    • Intended to be used as a liberal education class and will be forwarded to that committee after approval by Academic Affairs.
    • Outcomes, measures of learning, rationale were all very clear.
    • Approved.
  • EnEd 2000 Technology in Outdoor Education
    • Question regarding use of two components question #11 and the related question #12. The group felt that this was probably only a one component course.
    • Georgia described the rationale for the course and the need for use of technology in outdoor education.
    • There was concern about the breadth and depth of the conceptual outline: whether this was sufficient for 3 credit class.
    • Suggestion that the conceptual outline could focus on broader objectives, such as ‘understanding the use of spreadsheets’ as opposed to teaching a specific program. Focus should be the ‘why and how’ to use technology, the purpose of technology in the profession.
    • #27 – Bibliography needs to be developed to support the improved conceptual outline.
    • Need to clarify #16. Should there be a prerequisite to be a Recreation major?
    • #26 – Outcomes and assessments need to become more specific and clearly relevant to the major.
    • Course not approved and revision and resubmission is recommended.