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Academic Affairs Council

February 27, 2014

Present: Dana Collins (substituting for PDeputy), Georgia Keeney, Scott Carlson, Kathy Heltzer, Fay Maas (ex officio)

Excused: Jean Stevenson

Absent: Paul Deputy

Georgia shared updates from Curriculum Subcommittee of the Faculty Council. The updates included information about changes in the undergraduate degree requirements; updates in the course proposal form, and the new CLA low enrollment policy.


HLTH1100:  Health and Wellness: Strategies for Life 

Proposal to offer this course as a Liberal Education course under the Sustainability Category

Course was approved with the following minor revisions:

  • Overall, review proposal to ensure that all responses adequately address the questions. For example, develop overarching themes that identify key controversies in the field and then provide individual examples.

  • Under the prompt “Situate the course content, at least minimally, within the historical development……  Correct typo in first sentence of second paragraph. Delete “medically trained physicians” from the second sentence of the same paragraph.

  • Suggest supplying definitions for some terms (e.g., ecopsychology) or substitute with other terms. See g and f under the prompt “Make the chosen topic the dominant focus of the course….”

  • Under the prompt “Cover the fundamental principles applicable  to sustainability issues…..”It was unclear how students were “learning to evaluate the validity of information” Suggest that the criteria for sustainability in the shaded box at the top of the page be reviewed and that the revised response specifically address those criteria.

  • On the Course Implementation page: provide the required example of an assignment or text item in the box

  • Under the prompt “Students will explain the environmental, social…..”  The learning activities do not address how students will be “explaining” the aspects of sustainability.

  • Under the prompt “Students will evaluate how values and choices…..”  It is not clear how the response provided addresses the affective goals of the course (values and choices).