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Graduate Programs Council

April 29, 2002

All members present; meeting convened at 10:05 a.m.

  1. Final version of the Student Complaint Policy was approved as circulated. It will be forwarded to the Dean.
  2. Frank and Jackie reported briefly on attendance at the NBPTS/NCATE conference and direction the Education Department will take in redeveloping their M.Ed.
  3. An updated version of the Environment Education Program was circulated. There was considerable discussion on the lack of 7000 level courses; and requiring a 4000 level course. As a result, Ken will submit curriculum proposals to change those courses taken only by M.Ed. students to 7000 level, and a new course proposal for a 5000 level course that will be taught concurrently with the 4000 level but with graduate standards and criteria in the syllabi. With anticipation of these curriculum proposals, the program was approved as follows:
Core Requirements Course # Course Title 21 Cr.
Prof Development Educ 5993 Seminar 2
Research & Theory Educ 5421 Research Methods in Education (or equivalent) 2
  Educ 7165 Theories & Models in Outdoor Education 2

  Educ 7167 Research & Issues in Outdoor Education 2
  Educ 7560 Current Res. & Issues in Science Education 2

Teaching Methodology

Educ 5163 Outdoor Education Methods 3
  Educ 5600 Practicum in Education+ 2
  Educ 5236 Environmental Education for Teachers

Issues Educ 7991 Environmental Issues Investigation Seminar 2
Diversity   See List of Suggested Courses 2
Specialty Courses ** Course # Course Title 9 Cr.
Thesis EHS 7990 Research Project 6 Cr.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder