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Graduate Programs Council

October 3, 2007

Present: Helen Mongan-Rallis, Kristelle Miller, Denny Falk, Jackie Millslagle. Absent: Kent Brorson.

Excused: Julie Ernst

Minutes approved as posted.

Review of policies regarding Council chair; A faculty member of the Graduate Program Council will be elected as chair of the committee and will serve a two-year term beginning in the spring semester. Student representatives will serve a one-year term. There will be no term limits for faculty membership. Helen will continue as chair and we will elect a new chair for a two-year term at end of fall semester.

Student representatives:

  • Tiffany Smith - M.Ed. EE
  • Denny will email MSW students to assess interests. Kent will be asked to do the same with CSD students.

Tests/determination of English proficiency (TOEFL) for admission to collegiate programs. Helen explained problems with some exceptions that had been made, as well as the problems students from some countries have sitting for the test. General discussion. No recommendations for changes. Policy will be enforced strictly. In admission criteria, replace "International students" with "Students whose first language is not English." Add the question: Is English your first language? to the application.

Use of undergraduate courses on graduate program plans - no policy in place for collegiate graduate programs. Agreed to postpone this item until Julie was present because it is the EE programs where this happens. Jackie will include descriptions of course numbering system in the next agenda.

Discussion of the question about a rolling process. Jackie had sent this question to Degree Clearance to see if rolling degree posting is possible; no response yet, so this item was tabled for next meeting.

Other. Bruce Munson had requested consideration of waiving non-resident tuition for all collegiate graduate students. The request will be posted to the rolling agenda, and suggestion that Bruce be invited to the next meeting to discuss his two requests.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder

Adjourned at 4:45 p.m.