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Graduate Programs Council

Oct 19, 10:00 a.m.

Present: Melanie Shepard, Aydin Durgunoglu, Jackie Millslagle.

Bud McClure was a guest to support curriculum proposals that were to be on the agenda. Those present agreed, because of the pressing deadlines for summer bulletin deadlines, that an e-mail vote would be taken.

It was moved/seconded to approve the following courses proposals:

  • CC #8 - Psy 5661, Language and Literacy Development of Blingual Students (3)
  • CC #10 - Psy 5155, Forensic Psychology (3)
  • CC#11 - Psy 5272, Trauma, Grief and Forgiveness (3)
  • CC #12 - Psy 5098, Psychological Transformation and the Spiritual Journey (3)
  • CC#14 - Psy 5160, Psychology of Hope (3)
  • CC #15 ≠ Psy 5455, Jungian Psychology (3)
  • CC #16 - Psy 5450, Psy 5450, Existential Psychology (3)
  • CC #17 - Psy 5130, Evolutionary Psychology (3)
  • Psy #18 - Psy 5131, Mind-Body Connection (3)
  • CC #19 ≠ SW 5235, change grading option to A-F
  • CC# 20 ≠ SW 8442, change grading option to A-F

Members present voted to approve, with e-mail vote to be solicited by 4:30 today from other committee members. (10-22-01. Three additional votes to forward all proposals. CARRIED.)

The three members present discussed a document prepared by Jackie that will be circulated to the committee. The document lays out information about the M.Ed. pulled from a proposed, revised constitution from 1999 that was never approved and information from web pages. The shaded comments are Jackie’s; questions and issues that have come up in working with the M.Ed. It ends with a proposed course of action. Committee agreed with the proposal. The following assignments were made:

  • Aydin Durgunoglu and Sue Damme will draft general criteria for program requirements
  • Melanie Shepard and Frank Guldbrandsen will draft general criteria for admission requirements.
  • Ken Gilbertson and Mark Mizuko ≠ draft a purpose (mission) statement.


Jackie Millslagle


This committee meeting was immediately preceded by Academic Affairs. There is much concern/uncertainty about the curriculum process as it relates to graduate/undergraduate, Academic Affairs/Graduate Program Council. Both groups agreed that a joint meeting is needed to clear this up. I suggest November 9, 9:30-10:30. This is an overlap of our meeting times and hopefully will allow everyone to give input. I will be researching and producing any kind of documentation I can lay my hands on that describes Academic Affairs and the curriculum process.