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Graduate Programs Council

November 16, 2005

Present: Julie Ernst, Mary Ann Marchel, Lynn Bye, Faith Loven, Jackie Millslagle.

Absent: Bob Lloyd

Guest: Ken Gilbertson

The next meeting of the this council will be changed from November 30 to November 28 at 1:00. The agenda will be consideration of an Ed.D. proposal and the accompanying courses. Materials expected to be circulated November 23.

GPC guidelines call for approval by this group to allow a student to transfer in more than 12 credits taken prior to admission to the M.Ed. Case involves a student who had completed the graduate Environmental Education certificate program prior to application to the M.Ed. Ken Gilbertson was invited to respond. Ken explained the certificate program and the overlap in requirements for the graduate degree. The Council was in concensus that the M.Ed. director can assume an automatic GPC approved exception to this policy for students from the EE Certificate program.

There was lengthy discussion on the journal article format as final thesis product. There was consensus to delete the following two statements from the Handbook section outlining requirements for this final product option:

4. Reference page which should include at least 30 cited sources.

6. Documented submission of the article to the selected referred journal.

Jackie agreed to review the preface to this section of the Handbook to clarify the advisor role. Suggestion: It is the responsibility of the committee chair to guide the selection of the final product option.

Interspersed in these discussions was the fact that most recent practice has required the M.Ed. director to sign final projects before degrees are awarded. This is not the case in the Graduate School; rather, the quality of the paper is left to the committee. Jackie will research to determine more specifically how the collegiate practice came to be.

The curriculum proposal was discussed briefly. Several errors identified on the proposal. Jackie will discuss with the sponsor and circulate for electronic approval if schedule deadlines are an issue.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder