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Graduate Programs Council

December 11, 2006

Present: Helen Mongan-Rallis (chair), Randy Gordon, Lynn Bye, Lori Schmitz, Jackie Millslagle

Excused: Julie Ernst, Claire Croteau

Absent: Faith Loven

Meeting convened by Helen at 10:30.

Curriculum. The following actions were taken by consensus.

  • Approved: Educ 7030, World Indigenous Language Revitalization, 4 cr.
  • Approved: OjEd 5200, Methods in Ojibwe Language Immersion, 2-6 cr.
  • Approved: OjEd 5110, Teaching and Learning Ojibwe as a Second Language, 2 cr.
  • Approved: EnEd 5495, Special Topics: Various Titles to be Assigned, 1-4 cr. (umbrella course)
  • Approved: EnEd 5495,Special Topic: Field Methods for EnEd--Citizen Science and Monitoring, 3 cr.
  • Postponed decision on EHS 5595, The Art and Science of Health Motivation. Several questions were raised: is this an applied course? who is it designed for? title is unclear; what is healthy motivation? The Council would like to see what assessment techniques are being used to help demonstrate better how topics are being addressed. Suggest the author meet with Randy to further discuss questions raised.

Continued discussion of the review and update of the Graduate Program policies. The tracked changes were accepted with slight revisions to the fifth bulleted item under Responsibilities: provide feedback to program faculty based on an annual program report that includes assessment data. Council agreed to start hearing reviews middle of spring semester.

Adjourned at 11:25.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder