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Graduate Program Council

May 6, 2010

Present: Dennis Falk, Faith Loven, Ken Gilbertson, Bruce Munson (ex officio), Bob Lloyd, Joyce Strand

Next year’s budget will be the same according to Tim Holst at the Graduate Council meeting at UMD today. (FY 11 will have the same budget as FY 10.) The hope is that FY 12 more of the $ will stay on UMD campus for redistribution.

There is an issue of no social science statistics and research design class at the graduate level according to Ken. Faith has had the same issue for CSD, and now they are providing their own.  Social work has an Intro to Research and has an Advanced Research course.

Block grants are applied for on an annual basis. The total amount of money has been going down. And, some programs such as M.Ed. and Ed.D. have not been eligible for the block grants.

A major issue as we move forward will be the tuition structure.

A brief report on the Graduate Executive Council was presented Joyce. It met twice this year. There have been some discussions of policy, but none has been set.

It appears the parameters for a UMD Graduate program may need to be addressed first at the college level. We could set CEHSP policies on these items and recommend them to the campus graduate committee. There are many items to be considered:

  • Credit banding (The 6-14 band works against SW and Educ grad students.)
  • Application processes
  • Determination of grad faculty: who decides and what are the criteria
  • Off-campus or out-of-system people for teaching and/or on committees
  • Assessment and evaluations
  • Retention
  • Certificate programs:
  • Eligibility for funding:
  • Definition of missions of college graduate program councils, executive council, etc.
  • Definition of mission of graduate education at UMD;
  • DGS appointments & release time & terms:
  • GPC should define guidelines for curriculum review (sets some boundaries for input);

Bruce will attempt to schedule a meeting yet this period of time when people are on contract.