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Military Duty


  1. If a student is called to active duty and wishes to withdraw from UMD, we will work with that student to remove him or her from classes and to get tuition and other financial issues resolved.  The student will need to submit a copy of his or her military orders and will be asked to complete a retroactive tuition petition.  As a general rule, the petition will be approved at a 100% refund unless there are negative financial aid implications for the student.  The student will be advised as to what would be the most beneficial for his or her situation.
  2. If a student wishes to continue his or her registration status while on duty, two options exist.  The student may wish to inquire about incompletes for his or her coursework instead of canceling, particularly if he or she is receiving financial aid.  With the concurrence of the professor in charge of the course, a student can be granted an incomplete.  We encourage faculty to explore this alternative for the student to complete the work.  The professor and the student must agree on and file with the department a plan for completion.
    • When students are called to active military duty, and reach agreement with their instructor(s) to take an incomplete, they will have up to one calendar year following their discharge from active duty to complete any incompletes.
    • Secondly, some students may wish to try to complete the work while on active duty.
    • If no agreement can be reached for an incomplete or for completing the work then the student should file for withdrawal from the course.
  3. The student must contact his or her college office when he or she is ready to return to the University of Minnesota Duluth if he or she has been away more than two semesters.
  4. For specific issues or questions, please contact the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Support and Student Life, 726-8501.