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Tentative Date


April 15 - May 1

Review enrollments for the upcoming summer term.   Confer with faculty on situations where low enrollment is not conducive to instruction.   If course is cancelled, identify alternate assignments for faculty that should occur within the same time frame as the scheduled course. (See policy for the cancellation of summer session courses.) [NOTE: Faculty may voluntarily withdraw from a teaching assignment of a class with low enrollment.] Prepare letters describing alternate assignments for the Dean's signature and a place for the faculty member to sign acknowledging the assignment.


Enter pay documents to generate contracts. EXCEPTION:, pay documents for courses that have on approved workload protocol for individual registrations (e.g., graduate advising, internships, etc.) should be held until mid-July after all registrations are confirmed.

August 1

Dean's Office prepares enrollment summary reports and budget templates; Department Heads begin planning for the next summer school.

Sep 30

Departments submit proposed budget to Dean. Summer scheduling should consider course access for students, programming needs, and aggregate performance (profit/loss) of the department.

Nov 30

Dean distributes/transfers profits from most recent term.  Profits are calculated for each class based on tuition generated less expenses.  Unless extenuating financial situations exist, 20% of all profits are kept by the Dean; 80% are allocated to departments based on portion of total profits generated.


Budgets approved; notify faculty of summer assignments.