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Account Initiation and Email

Prior to registration new cohort members will need to initiate their Internet accounts and their email. Account initiation is not required for University of Minnesota employees.

All registration for Collegiate Graduate Programs is done online. The first time you register, you will need to initiate your account. To do this, go to:

Initiation Instructions:

Towards the bottom of the page, under "Services You May Need"


  • CLICK on Account Initiation - enter all the required information the way it asks. (You will need your student ID# for this those of you who work within the University system, your Employee ID is the same as your Student ID)
  • You will be asked to create a password
  • Once you have submitted that information, you will be given a user name (Internet ID)...MAKE SURE TO REMEMBER BOTH OF THESE...this password and Internet ID are paired together and will be needed to access a number of different things via the Web, including registering and your STUDENT email.


The user name is also the first part of your STUDENT email address for UMD, followed by Once your account is initiated please periodically check this email account, as it is the main mode of communication at UMD.

Once you have initiated your account you will not have to do it again. To register for classes, go back to the Register page (first page you started with).

Internet/Email Account

UMD email is the preferred method of communication with students, thus it is important for you to know how to access it. For information regarding email (e.g., how to forward email, set up filters, spam control, etc.) please visit the Information Technology Systems & Services (ITSS) web site.

Registration Instructions:

Information you will need to have handy before you register:


  • Health Insurance Company and policy #
  • Student ID #
  • Which term you are registering for
  • Class Number (i.e. 23456)
  • Number of credits (units) you are taking the class for


Towards the top of the Register page:


  • click on "Add or Change Classes."
  • click on "Add"
  • You will be asked to provide your health insurance information.
  • Follow the prompts for registration.


That's it!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or call: Karen Mehle - 218-726-6525 or

Administrative Information

Grades, Holds, and Personal Information

To check your grades, holds on your record, and to update personal information such as address or phone number changes, go to the UMD register page.

Please also let Karen Mehle know about address changes, so she can update our records in the M.Ed. office.

Regents Scholarship Information - **Change in the Regents Scholarship - Please see the new policy below**

The new Administrative policy is available online in the UWide Policy Library at:

For more information on applying for and using a Regents Scholarship, please go to:

The Regents Scholarship will cover a prescribed portion of tuition costs with the employee contributing the remaining amount.  The portion covered is:

  • 90% of the tuition cost for eligible employees matriculated for the first time in a baccalaureate degree program, and
  • 75% of the tuition cost of all other eligible employees enrolled in courses covered under the Regents Scholarship program.
  • Fees and books are not covered.
    click here for a link to the form


When filling out this form, please keep the following instructions in mind:

  • Be sure all signature lines are complete. If your supervisor is also the head of the department, he/she must sign in both places.
  • signatures must be original - faxed copies will not be accepted.
  • Keep a copy of the signed form before mailing it in for your records, just in case it's lost in the mail.
  • Mail the form to Karen Mehle, 150 EduE, 415 Library Dr, Duluth, MN 55812.
  • To check to see if your waiver and/or payment has been processed, click here and go to My Account.


Keep in mind that you must pay each semester by the due date or payment plan charges will incur. If you have questions about the forms or this process, email or call Karen Mehle at 218-726-6525.


There are several forms required at different stages of the M.Ed. program:


  • Immunization Form
  • Program Plan
  • Proposal Cover Sheet
  • Committee Recommendation for Degree
  • Independent Study contract


These are available for download on the Forms page.