Steps to Registering for Classes:

Step #1: Check your APAS Report to make sure it is accurate, to see who your advisor is, and if you have any holds.

Step #2: Find out when you can register in the registration queue.

Step #3: Meet with your Academic Advisor

Step #4: Use Graduation Planner to plan out your courses for the next semester (and beyond). It is highly recommended that you plan all the way through to graduation so you will have no surprises about requirements, and can more accurately plan course sequencing.

Step #5: Use the U of M Class Schedules online to look up the classes you are interested in. You will be able to tell the days and times the course is offered and how many seats are still open. Copy down the 5 digit red number for the class you want to take. You will use this number when you register for the class. Always have a list of backup choices.

Step #6: Use a weekly planning schedule to write in the days and times of classes you are considering. Write down the 5 digit red number from the U of M Class Schedules page as well. This will help you avoid accidentally trying to sign up for classes that overlap.

Step #7: Register for classes by clicking on Add or Change Classes on the Register For Classes page.