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CEHSP Advising & Academic Services

Advising & Academic Services, 120 Bohannon Hall, 1207 Ordean Ct, Duluth, MN 55812

Phone: (218) 726-7156; Fax: (218) 726-7073; Email:

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Run a "What If" APAS report to see where you stand in a major, given the classes you have already taken.


Explore the Occupational Outlook Handbook

You can look up a career and find out what it is all about, starting salaries, job outlook for the next 10 years, related careers, what educational level and training you need, if there is a specific major associated with it, and where the jobs are.

Career OneStop Website

Identify what jobs are in demand, have the largest employment, or are experiencing declining employment.

Fastest-Growing Occupations
Find the fastest-growing occupations. Includes details about employment, wages, and education.

Occupations with the Most Openings
Create a list of occupations with the most openings by state or nationwide. Includes details about employment, number of estimated openings, wages, and education.

Occupations with the Largest Employment
Find national and state occupations with the largest employment. Includes details about employment, earnings, and education.

Occupations with Declining Employment
Create a list of occupations with the largest declines in employment by state or nationwide. Includes details about employment, earnings, and education.

Happiness Index

The top 300 careers with the highest job satisfaction ratings


The 10 Happiest Jobs

Forbes Magazine list of what careers people find most satisfying


At the CEHSP Advising Office you can meet with Susan Darge Lombardo who works with students who are exploring, declaring, or changing majors. Call 726-7156 or stop by 120 Bohannon Hall for an appointment or send her an email at

Major Declaration Form

Use this for declaring a major in CEHSP. Turn it in at the 120 Bohannon front desk.


See Career Services to explore careers and further educational opportunities and internships.


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Academic Advisor for
Undeclared Students:

Susan Darge Lombardo
(218) 726-7694

120 Bohannon Hall


Choosing the right major starts with knowing yourself well:

The One QuestionWhat should I do with my life? Use this online resource to find passion and purpose in your life.

The Element by Ken Robinson
This book talks about how finding your passion changes everything. Your element is the place where the things you love to do and the things you are good at come together.

Roadtrip NationThis TV show is about defining your own road in life. College age students crisscross the nation to find out how others have found their calling in life. Watch episodes or interviews online.

SuperVivaUse this online resource to make a life list and live a full life

Write Your Personal Mission Statement

Use this exercise to help you clarify your sense of purpose and mission in life.

Life Planning & Goal Setting

This exercise will help you find your top goals in 6 different life categories: Career, Education, Relationship, Leisure, Personal Growth, and Financial/Material

The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine
This book is about life design for people with too many passions to pick just one.

Personality Indicator and Career Choices

Looking at personality type may be helpful to you in understanding your preferences.  Learning more about yourself is helpful in making well informed decisions about majors, careers, leisure activities, and relationships.

My Personality Test

Click the link above to take a version of the personality indicator to learn more about yourself.

Keep in mind this is an indicator, not a "determiner".  Only you can decide if a personality description is a fit for you. 

What careers are a good match for my personality type?

How does your Personality Type relate to your career choice? Once you have decided on your 4-letter type, click on it below to see a description of what this personality type would prefer in a work environment, as well as a list of careers that are a good fit for this type.