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For Students

Have you recieved a charge letter? from the Office of Student Conduct? See our [For Respondents] page.
A charge letter is sent to a student accused of violating the Student Conduct Code. It contains specific alleged violations as well as a scheduled meeting time.

Reporting an Incident

Students have the following options for reporting an incident:

  • Call the police by dialing 911.
  • Contact the Office of Student Conduct by phone at (218) 726-7255 or by walk-in at 245 Kirby Plaza. [map]
  • File a report online.
  • Report through the Campus Climate website.

Student Definition

Student shall mean any person taking courses at the University or enrolled in a University program; any person participating as a student in University activities prior to the start of classes; any student who is not enrolled or registered for a particular term but has a continuing relationship with the University; any student who withdraws, transfers, or graduates after an alleged violation of the Student Conduct Code; and any already graduated student when the conduct at issue implicates the student’s University degree.


Alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code may occur:

  • On campus;

  • On property owned and/or controlled by UMD;

  • On property or in housing units assigned by UMD;

  • During activities that are sponsored or approved by UMD: or

  • Off-campus consistent with the Board of Regents Student Conduct Code.

Language Guide

Complainant:the individual(s) or organization which brought forward the alleged charge. The University may also act as the complainant.
Respondent: the individual(s) or organization that is facing charges for allegedly violating the student conduct code.
Charge: a portion of the Student Conduct Code alleged to be violated.
Hearing: a formal or informal conversation about an incident or complaint.
Sanction: the outcome of a determination of responsibility.

Students Rights

Students alleged of violating the Student Conduct Code have the right to:

  • Notification of alleged violations and the information that supports the charge;
  • An opportunity to be heard in a fundamentally fair hearind, and;
  • An appeal.

This reflects the University's dedication to both substantive and procedural due process.

Students Responsibilities

As a UMD student, you represent the University community. The University holds students to a high standard both on and off campus. Accordingly, conduct not representative of those standards may result in appropriate sanctions.

Registration Holds

A hold may be placed on a student account to ensure compliance with meetings or sanctions as assigned. To check holds on your account, click here. To resolve a registration hold, please contact the Office of Student Conduct.

Release of Information

As a student, your educational records are protected. To share information with parents or family members, the student involved must have a FERPA Information Release waiver on file.

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