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Belize Coastline

Global Education, Office of International Student Teaching

Student Teaching in Belize

UMD teacher candidates will be placed in classrooms in Punta Gorda, Belize by Jim Sersha in the UMD Field Experiences Office in collaboration with the UMD International Education Office.All teaching will be in English.

To student teach in Belize, teacher candidates must turn in the student teaching application and get faculty approval.

Application process

1. Complete Education Department Student Teaching Application

2. If faculty approved, complete International Education Office Application (Deadlines Fall semester: March 15 Spring semester: October 15)

3. Apply for a passport immediately after acceptance

Budget for the cost:

Approximately $2100.00

Program package includes: Tuition for the 6 credit course, on-site teaching supervisor, international health insurance.


International student teaching meeting where the Belize Handbook and other important items will be reviewed.

Register for:

FORS 3131 International Student Teaching (6 credits) and another student teaching course (EDSE 4600, SPED 4600, IESE 4600)


Jim Sersha, Field Experience Office

Arianna Austin, International Education Office