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IESE - Integrated Elementary and Special Education Teacher Major

Major Overview

Integrated Elementary and Special Education (B.A.Sc.) - Overview

The IESE major is premised upon the fact that K-6 teachers face students with a broad spectrum of needs in the classroom. Inclusion of students with disabilities, extraordinary increases of second language learners, higher proportions of low income families, among other dynamics, compel us to provide the next generations of teachers with the knowledge and abilities required to serve students and their families with integrity. The major emphasizes classroom diversity, internships, and service, three dynamics critical to preparing teaching professionals ready to assume the challenges of educating children in today’s complex society. Successful completion of the Integrated Elementary and Special Education (IESE) program qualifies students to apply for state licensure to teach K-6 elementary education and K-12 special education (Academic Behavioral Strategist).

Benefits of this major:

  • Minnesota’s only undergraduate Integrated Elementary Special Education teacher preparation major
  • Extensive field experiences in elementary and special education classrooms
  • In-depth subject area preparation
  • Dual Licensure (licensure in elementary education and special education)
  • Competitive and marketable degree