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The current Ed.D. program checklist: DOC; PDF

The following table is provided for convenience. Please download either the Word document or PDF document above to use in tracking and documenting your progress. Please keep copies of ALL signed paperwork for your records.

Requirement Approximate Completion Date Notes & Required Forms:
1. Contact assigned advisor and gain approval for registration Term 1 Your 1st year advisor is the DGS.
2. Register for term admitted Term 1 UMD's Online Registration Page
3. Develop program with adviser Year 2 Degree Program Form
Committee Worksheet
4. File degree program transmittal form. This includes names of four faculty members who have agreed to serve on doctoral committee (3 Ed.D. Teaching and Learning members, 1 outside member)
Year 2 Program Transmittal Form
5. Preliminary Written Examination 1

Year 3

September or January

6. Verify DGS Assistant has filed Preliminary Written Examination Report form (after completion of all Preliminary Written Exams and at least one week prior to the preliminary Oral Examination).
Year 3

Following preliminary written exam

Prelim Written Examination Report Form

7. Complete "Ready for Oral Examination" form. Once signed by all committee members, proceed to next step. Year 3 Ready for Oral Examination Form
8. Identify date, time, and location for oral preliminary exam by consulting with all committee members Year 3  
9. Submit review of field study related literature to each committee member at least two weeks before Preliminary Oral Examination. Year 3 - at least two weeks before Oral Exam  
10. Schedule your Preliminary Oral Examination date online at least one week prior to the examination. Year 3 - at least one week before preliminary Oral Exam Scheduling Preliminary Oral Examination Online
11. Take Preliminary Oral Examination Year 3  
12. Submit signed Preliminary Oral Examination Report Form to DGS Assistant within one day of completion of Preliminary Oral Examination. You may register for project credits (EDUC 8888) the semester following successful completion of preliminary oral exam requirements. Year 3 - no less than one day after preliminary Oral Exam

Preliminary Oral Examination Report Form: GS Form 18

The form is sent by the Graduate School to the adviser who serves as Chair of examining committee AFTER student has scheduled exam.

13. Prepare prospectus for field study research then schedule prospectus meeting in consultation with the 3 Ed.D. Teaching and Learning committee members. You may register for Project Credits (EDUC 8888) the following semester. Year 3/4  
14. Submit prospectus to each committee member at least two weeks prior to prospectus meeting. Year 3/4 - at least two weeks before prospectus meeting  
15. Hold prospectus meeting with at least the three Ed.D. Teaching and Learning committee members. Year 3/4  
16. Submit proposal to request approval by Human Subjects Committee to conduct research. Year 3/4 University of Minnesota IRB Site
17. Submit 3-part Project Proposal Form for approval one semester after Preliminary Oral Examination. Year 3/4 - one semester after preliminary Oral Exam Project Proposal Form
Work on Project and take supporting field courses Year 3/4  
18. After the Project Proposal is approved by the Graduate School, obtain Graduate Packet in the Graduate School Office (431 Darland) or online. Request this packet at least one week prior to the scheduled oral exam date. The Graduate packet will include the Reviewers Report Form for the Ed.D. Project. Year 4 - at least one week prior to the scheduled final Oral Exam Request Graduate Packet Online
19. File the Application for Degree in the Graduate School office (431 Darland) by the first working date of the month of intended graduation. If you wish to participate in the Spring Commencement ceremony, please refer to step #22. Year 4 - the first working day of the month you intend to graduate Application for Degree Form: OTR Form 180 (Found in Graduation Packet)
20. Submit Project to readers (2 inside the Ed.D. Teaching and Learning and 1 outside). Allow 2 weeks for reading, 2 additional weeks for revisions, and two weeks for final reading before the final oral defense (6 weeks prior to final oral defense). Year 4 - 6 weeks before final oral defense  
21. Submit signed Reviewers Report Form for Ph.D. Thesis/Ed.D. project; schedule final oral defense; obtain signatures. Schedule Doctoral Final Oral Examination online. Year 4

Reviewers Report Form: GS Form 2 (Found in Graduation Packet)

Schedule Doctoral Final Oral Examination Online

22. Submit Application for Degree and all other Commencement Attendance forms to the UMD Graduate School (431 Darland Administration) by March 1 if you want to participate in the Spring Graduate School Commencement Ceremony. March 1, Year 4 if you want to attend Spring Graduate School Commencement See forms found in Graduation Packet
23. Submit revised Project to each committee member at least two weeks before scheduled final oral defense. At least two weeks before scheduled final oral defense  
24. Oral Defense    
25. Return signed Final Oral Examination Report within one working day of completion of the Final Oral Defense. Within one working day of Oral Defense

Final Oral Examination Report Form: GS Form 19

Note: You will receive this form at the end of your successful final oral defense meeting.

26. Submit one copy of Project abstract and Project (signed by your adviser), plus Deposit Agreement Form and the Exit Survey: Survey of Earned Doctorates by the last working day of the month of intended graduation. By the last working day of the month in which you intend to graduate

Deposit Agreement Form(Found in Graduation Packet)

Exit Survey (Directions Found in Graduation Packet)


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