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Radioisotope Source Possession and Use Requirements
Purchase, Receipt, and Transfer of Radioisotopes
Personnel Radiation Monitoring
Management of Radioisotope Laboratory and Use Area
Radioactive Waste Disposal Procedure
Radioactive Waste Disposal Chart
Mopping or Waxing of Radioisotope Use Areas
Radiation Emergencies
Radiation Safety Training
Policy on Declared Pregnant Radiation Workers
Policy on Eating and Drinking in the Laboratory
Radiation Protection Forms

X-Ray Safety
UMD-Radiation Protection Advisory Committee (RPAC)
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Policy For Termination of Laboratory use of Hazardous Materials
10 CFR, Part 20: Protection Against Radiation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Haz. Waste Mgt

Policy on Eating
and Drinking in the Laboratory

Food and beverage consumption and/or storage is strictly PROHIBITED in laboratories, laboratory refrigerators and freezers, and/or radioactive material use areas.   Eating and drinking is permited in authorized areas only, outside of laboratories and rad material use areas.

Empty food and beverage containers brought into a radioisotope lab and/or disposed of into lab trash containers will be regarded as a violation of this policy.

All food and beverage containers must be disposed of in an outside trash receptacle prior to entring a posted area or a laboratory.  The NRC will interpret the presence of wrappers and containers as evidence of consumption and they have issued citations for such violations.

Food/beverages or food/beverage containers that are used for experimental purposes (not for human consumption), need to be clearly marked as "NOT FOR HUMAN USE", and disposed of accordingly













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