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Radioisotope Source
Possession and Use Requirements:
Campus Broad Scope License

To obtain a permit to possess and use radioisotopes under the university broad scope license, you must proceed with the following:

1.   Obtain and fill out a permit application:

  • Completed application and radiation training questionnaires must be sent to the Radiation Protection Division at:

      Radiation Protection Division
      University of Minnesota
      W-140 Boynton Health Service.
      410 Church Street S.E.
      Minneapolis Minnesota, 55455.
      Att: RPD

  • Permit application will not be processed until documentation of training of all personnel working with radioisotopes and/or work in radioisotope use area (laboratory) is received by the RPD.
  • Required Radiation Protection Training consists of 8 videotapes and a questionnaire, available at the UMD Library, Learning Resources Center (Rm. 465, phone 726-8102).   The questionnaire must be completed at the time of viewing the tapes and signed by the permit holder to document training.

2.   Permit Review and Approval:

  • Application for a permit to possess and use radioisotopes must be reviewed, approved and signed by a the All University Radiation Protection Advisory Committee (AURPAC), and the University Radiation Protection Officer (RPO).
  • The applicant will be contacted by a RPD upon receipt of the application to set up a meeting to:

    1. Inspect the laboratory facility and isotope use area.
    2. Review protocols, and advise concerning needed monitoring instrumentation, radiation shielding, waste collection containers, personnel dosimetry, ventilation requirements, and laboratory security controls.

    3. Provide a "train the trainer" session with the applicant and/or designated laboratory supervisor.

    When above facility review and training are satisfactorily completed, RPD will forward the permit application to the AURPAC for review at their next Monthly meeting.

  • Approved Permit Application will be signed by the All University Radiation Protection Advisory Committee chair and the University Radiation Protection Officer (RPO).
  • A copy of the signed application will be returned to the applicant and will serve as the permit for the possession and use of only those radioisotopes and activity levels listed, and in only those locations specified on the permit.
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