Instructions for Completion of the Radioactive Waste Inventory Form

  1. List the protocol number in which radioactive material was used in Column 1. Complete the table below for percent of total material in each waste form for each protocol.

  2. At the time of withdrawal of stock material from a radioisotope stock vial, record the radioisotope (Column 2), the original assay date (Column 3), and the millicuries withdrawn (Column 4) on the waste inventory form. Record this information on the waste inventory form for each type of waste generated from the protocol in which the radioisotope was used.

  3. Record the appropriate fraction of the withdrawn activity that will be disposed into each waste container (Column 5) on the appropriate waste container inventory forms.

  4. Multiply Column 4 by Column 5 on each waste container inventory form and record this activity in Column 6.

    Determination of waste container inventory at time of pick-up request.

  5. Record date of pick-up request in Column 7.

  6. Determine days of decay (difference between Column 7 and Column 3), and record in Column 8.

    NOTE: This method assumes that the activity removed from the stock vial is not decay corrected to the date of withdrawal. If it is decay corrected at this time, use the date of withdrawal in Column 3 as the assay date.

  7. Record the fractional decay in Column 9. This fractional decay is available from the decay charts in Appendix CC of the Radiation Protection Manual.

  8. Multiply Column 6 by Column 9 to determine the decay corrected activity. Record this activity in Column 10 under the appropriate radioisotope.

  9. Total the activity for each radioisotope and record this number on the radioactive waste pick-up request fax form.

    * This information can be found in the Permit Application form.

    Note: The above table must be completed for each radioisotope and protocol currently used to enable proper completion of the "Radioactive Waste Inventory Form" (see Item 1 above.)