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Laboratory/Research Safety Compliance Manual

This manual is designed to improve record keeping in the laboratory, to help lab staff be aware of what training are required of them, and the type of records that must be kept in the lab.  The manual will contain the following information/pages which you may print and use:
  • A Cover page

  • A Research/Laboratory Info Page with information on the type of research conducted if specific research protocols are required, a current list of laboratory employees, and names of responsible staff such as the PI, the RSO etc.

  • Tabs for material that should be collected and placed in the manual depending on the type of research conducted in the lab and the training required subsequently.

  • A tab per required training, each tab should include a copy of corresponding training summary (See summaries below)

 Training Summaries

** Training is specific to the laboratory or procedure-specific
* Are some examples of lab-specific training and will be given by the PI with assistance from the UMD
  Office of Environmental Health and Safety

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