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Standard Operating Procedures
Criteria for Implementation of Chemical Control Measures
Management of Chemical Fume Hoods & Other Protective Equipment
Employee Information & Training
Required Approvals
Medical Consultation & Examination
Additional Employee Protection for Work w/Particularly Hazardous Substances
Record Keeping, Review & Update of the Research Laboratory Safety Plan
Poisonous Gases
Shock Sensitive Chemical
Pyrophoric Chemicals
Peroxide-Forming Chemicals
Carcinogens, Reproductive Toxins or Highly Toxic Chemicals
Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals In Laboratories (29 CFR 1910.1450)
Limits to Exposure to Toxic & Hazardous Substances
Other Standards & Guidelines
Prudent Practices in the Laboratory
U of M Safety Procedures
Laboratory Audit Checklist
Selected SOPs
SOP Template
Workers Compensation Accident/Injury Reporting Policy & Forms
Duties of a Departmental Research Safety Officer
Environmental Health & Safety Office  Phone Numbers
Accident Investigation Worksheet
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Fact Sheet
Audit Report Template


The following individuals and groups have responsibilities for implementation of various aspects of the University of Minnesota's Laboratory Safety Plan.

Chemical Hygiene Officer

The University of Minnesota's Chemical Hygiene Officer is Jodi Ogilvie, Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Ms. Oglivie is a chemical hygiene specialist with an M.S. in Environmental Health. Address: W-140 Boynton Health Service. Phone: 612-301-1214.

The UMD Chemical Hygiene Officer is Jean Cranston, Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Address: 32 Darland Administration Building, 1049 University Drive, Phone: 218-726-7273

College or Departmental Research Safety Officer

The research safety officer for the College (or Department or Division) of __________ is __________. The specific duties of each safety officer will be determined at the college or departmental level. The duties of this RSO are included in Appendix K.

College or Departmental Safety Committee

The designation of a safety committee to assist the safety officer in his/her required duties is strongly encouraged. Names of the safety committee members should be listed in this paragraph.

UMD Environmental Health and Safety Office

The UMD Environmental Health and Safety Office offers assistance in a wide range of health and safety issues.  A list of services offered, and staff phone numbers are included in our website:  Phone: 218-726-7273

Occupational Physician

The St. Mary’s-Duluth Clinic (SMDC) located at 407 East Third St., Duluth MN, provides occupational medicine services to all UMD staff.  The phone number for the Occupational Medicine program, is  218-786-3392

The St. Luke’s Hospital also provides Occupational medicine services to UMD and they could be contacted at: 218-249-6822

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