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Policy on Serving Food & Beverages on
The  University of Minnesota Duluth Premises

UMD Food Service: Reserved Space Events and Conferences

UMD Food Services is the exclusive campus caterer when the event or function is sponsored, organized, or hosted by 1) a private individual, corporation or company or 2) any individual, or group of, University faculty, staff or auxiliary employees.  Excluded are catered events held at Glensheen and NRRI, and concessions in Romano Gym and Malosky Stadium.

However, UMD Food Services realizes there may be limited instances when procuring food and beverages for special events from an outside vendor may be necessary, or when UMD Food Services must limit the services available for a specific date.  Those exceptions shall be discussed with the Catering Office, and referral made to University Environmental Health & Safety for a food permit. It is requested that food permits are submitted a minimum of ten business days prior to the scheduled event.

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) carries out the official health department duties for the University of Minnesota working in partnership with various departments within the University system.  The responsibility for serving food on the UMD campus rests with the UMD Food Services Department. The contact for catered events is UMD Catering at 726-7955 or catering@d.umn.edu.

Events or Gatherings Serving Only Snack Foods & Light Refreshments

Snack foods and light refreshments not meant for resale, may be served without permission from UMD Food Services. This includes foods that are pre-packaged or commercially produced, such as: chips, pretzels, canned or bottled soft drinks, coffee, tea, commercially baked cookies, cakes, and donuts. If items are intended for resale approval is required.

The University of Minnesota system, including the Duluth campus, has an exclusive beverage contract with Coca Cola. Any beverage served, poured, dispensed, given away, provided, distributed, sampled, promoted, tested or sold must be a Coca Cola product. This exclusive contract is in effect on all University property, for any purpose, including athletic events, student fund raisers, booster club promotions, meetings and the like. On campus advertising displays are also included.  Coffee and milk are not included. This contract is in effect until June 30, 2018.

If room sanitation becomes a problem for events providing snack foods or light refreshments, prior approval for future events may be required.


Provisions have been made to allow small groups to have private potluck meals.  Conditions that apply are:  1) The food shall be restricted to the group.  2) There shall be no advertising of the event.  3) There shall be no invitations to individuals outside the group, such as a potluck to attract new members.

Student Groups:  Food Based Fundraisers, Sampling or Handout Events

All student groups planning a food based fundraiser, or event where food is provided, must contact Kirby Student Center’s Student Activities Office (218-726-7169). A DEHS food permit may be required. Student fundraising activities are possible if certain preparation and service standards are met. Student groups will be guided through the food permit process.

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