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Injury Reporting:  Workers' Compensation Procedures
It is very important that even minor job-related injuries or illness are reported.  These statistics help the Department of Environmental Health and Safety track trends that may indicate occupational hazards that need evaluation.  To report an illness or injury, go to the UMD-Workers’ Compensation which provides links to all required forms.  The University of Minnesota's Policy for Reporting Workers' Compensation Related Injuries  explains the procedures and also provides links the necessary reporting forms.

Please Note, if you are working with biological agents, there are additional reporting requirements for any injuries or illnesses that occur while working on an IBC-approved protocol and therefore you must also fill out IBC Injury Report form.

Employee Responsibilities
  • Notify your Supervisor Immediately. Your Supervisor will assess the situation, assist with arranging proper medical care and begin the injury reporting process.
  • Promptly cooperate with your supervisor and the Claims Administrator in the completion of all relevant documents.
Supervisor Responsibilities:
  • Immediately assess the incident and assist/advise the employee to seek appropriate medical care or necessary treatment for any work-related injury.  If the injury is a potential life-threatening emergency, call 911.
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