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Enweyang Ojibwe Language Nest
Enweyang offers a quality educational program for families interested in the revitalization of the Ojibwe language. This program is for preschool aged children beginning at age 33 months. The Mission of Enweyang is to provide an opportunity for children to learn, listen to, speak, and use Ojibwemowin.
Minnesota Indigenous Youth Freedom Project
The Minnesota Indigenous Youth Freedom Project was a program that developed positive leadership among tribal youth, ages 13-17 years of age.
Master of Education Tribal Cohort (M.Ed)
Designed for professionals working in education or an education related field, with a particular focus on Native American communities and culture. Centered around an Anishinaabe world view, the philosophy, course work, and Masters research projects are related to the health, well-being, history, culture, and education of Native peoples.
Maawanji´idiwag "They Come Together"
The curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Applied Science degree and recommendation for two licensures: early childhood education (birth-age 8) and early childhood special education (birth-age 6yrs/11mo.s).
Naadamaadiwin "Helping One Another"
Tribal Special Education Licensure Cohort
A two-year cooperative special education post-baccalaureate licensure program in emotional behavioral disorders and learning disabilities, with a tribal focus.
American Indian History, Culture, and Language Curriculum Framework