Gekinoo´imaagejig "The Ones Who Teach"

Eni–gikendaasoyang "Moving Towards Knowledge Together"

Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Language Revitalization

Department of Education – Collge of Education and Human Service Professions

The American Indian Teacher Corps Program

A K–6 elementary education with K–8 teaching Ojibwe Language specialty program committed to the recruitment, retention & graduation of Indigenous students interested in becoming teachers.

Components of the Gekinoo´imaagejig Teacher Education Program

Program Vision

Our students will follow mino–bimaadizi–win (the good path). They will live there in ways which both honors themselves and all lives they touch. Individuals, families, communities, and tribal nations will be spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy and whole. Through this education program students, staff and faculty will walk this path together.

Program Mission

All of those who complete Gekinoo´imaagejig will be actively working for the betterment of Indigenous people and their communities to which they belong. They will have completed an educational system that has imbedded as its core values The Good Path of the Anishinaabe.

The knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes candidates acquire will be based on validated research and presented through an Indigenous epistemology, or lens. However, the education provided will lend an Anishinaabe wisdom that can provide wisdom for all communities.

Contact us:

Program Advisor
Jennifer Niemi
Phone: (218) 726-8419