How can I apply for financial assistantship, and what types are available?

The University offers a variety of ways for graduate students to receive financial assistance. The most common method is through graduate assistantships that are awarded by individual graduate programs. Application must be made directly to the program to be considered for an assistantship. Assistantships are usually 50% or 25% positions that require doing teaching or research under the direction of a faculty member. In addition to the assistantship salary, tuition is covered at the rate of twice the percentage of the assistantship. For example, a 50% assistant is given 100% of tuition. The University also covers a portion of an assistant's health insurance costs; 95% of a 50% assistant's health insurance costs are paid by the University, and a 25% assistant receives 47.5% of health insurance costs. Dependant coverage is also available. You should consult your program for information and assistantship application materials.

Fellowships at the Graduate School and program level are also available as financial aid. The Graduate School Fellowship requires nomination by your major program. Contact your program for information about program fellowships.

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