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Counseling Services

To Make an Appointment for Counseling

call: 218-726-7913

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Drop-In Consultations

"Let's Talk": A new program through Health Services Counseling Center! Counselors will be available on campus for drop-in consultations. learn more...

After hours and emergency facilities for mental health care

If you are in need of mental health support when Health Services is closed, or in case of emergency, please contact or go to the Essentia Health - Miller Dwan Medical Center or to the emergency room/urgent care at either St. Luke's Hospital or St. Mary's Hospital. If an ambulance is needed, call 911. If the emergency is non-life-threatening and you do not have a means of transportation, call Campus Police at 726-7000.

Essentia Health - Miller Dwan Medical Center
Mental Health Crisis Center
502 East 2nd St. Duluth MN
(218) 723-0099 or (888) 826-0099

St. Luke's Hospital
915 E 1st Street
Duluth, MN
Emergency Room:
(218) 249-5616
Urgent Care:
(218) 249-6095

St. Mary's Hospital
Emergency Room:
407 E 3rd Street Duluth MN
(218) 786-4357

Essentia Health
Urgent Care:
St. Mary's Medical Center
400 E. 3rd Street Duluth MN
(218) 786-6000

Students are advised to call the 1-800 phone number on their insurance card prior to going to a hospital or urgent care center. Services at these locations are not paid for by UMD Health Services.

Students can also text "life" to the following number, 839863, to recieve support over the phone.

Mission Statement

The mission of UMD Counseling Services is to provide psychological support to help students deal with their emotional issues so that they may improve their academic performance and retention.

Common Issues and Concerns

Counseling Services

Feelings such as anxiety, anger, depression, low self-esteem, or tension are a normal part of being human and can affect anyone. Sometimes these feelings are temporary and can be eased by rest, relaxation, exercise, good nutrition and the support of trusted friends. At other times, stressors, relationships or past family experiences cannot be managed so easily and become overwhelming. If this happens, and you find it hard to function, you may want to seek professional help.

Personal counseling provides a safe environment where people can share their thoughts and feelings, explore concerns, gain new awareness, and make helpful changes.

Last year, hundreds of students were assisted through individual and group counseling at UMD Health Services. Professional services are offered that can help you deal with the real pressures of college life and the personal transitions you may be experiencing.

Counseling at UMD Health Services is free of charge for all registered UMD students.


The Health Services Counseling Department is accessible to all students who pay the student service fee. Information about the Student Services Fee and the Health Services Summer Fee can be found under Insurance and Billing Information.


We are committed to ensuring that information resulting from counseling sessions is held in strict confidence. Any information exchanged during the counseling process is used exclusively for the benefit of the student. Counseling records are not kept in student academic files and information is not released to anyone without the student's written permission.


The Health Services Counseling Department has been accredited through the International Association of Counseling Services since 1994.

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