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Housing & Dining Rates

The following are the rates for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Room TypeMeal PlanSemester Room AmountSemester Meal Plan + DD*** AmountSemester TotalAcademic Year Total
Single Room (Vermilion Hall Only)*19 Meals Per Week$2,137$1,846 + $200$4,183$8,366
Single Room (Vermilion Hall Only)*14 Meals Per Week$2,137$1,719 + $200$4,056$8,112
Double Room19 Meals Per Week$1,834$1,846 + $200$3,880$7,760
Double Room14 Meals Per Week$1,834$1,719 + $200$3,753$7,506
Triple Room19 Meals Per Week$1,714$1,846 + $200$3,760$7,520
Triple Room14 Meals Per Week$1,714$1,719 + $200$3,633$7,266
Apartment**19 Meals Per Week$2,580$1,846 + $200$4,626$9,252
Apartment**14 Meals Per Week$2,580$1,719 + $200$4,499$8,998
Apartment**5 Meals Per Week$2,580$686 + $200$3,466$6,932
Apartment**Dining Dollars Only$2,580$0 + $200$2,780$5,560

*A limited number of single rooms are available only in Vermilion Hall, an all-male facility.  

**Students assigned to live in the on-campus apartments are not required to select a meal plan but do receive $200 per semester in dining dollars. Apartment residents may choose any of the meal plans referenced above, including the 5 Meals Per Week plan. The 5 Meals Per Week plan is only available to apartment residents.

***Dining Dollars are non-refundable or prorated based upon usage.  Unused Dining Dollars do carry over from Fall to Spring.  Unused Dining Dollars are lost at the end of Spring Semester.

Housing and meal plan rates and structure are subject to change.