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eGradebook Help System

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eGradebook Quick Start Guide

This guide presents the absolute minimum steps to create a gradebook and begin using it immediately. Please be aware that preset (i.e. "default") settings will be used to calculate grades until you change the gradebook's configuration settings, a topic covered in the full help system files.

Accessing eGradebook

Both students and faculty (which includes TA's) access the eGradebook program via the web at:

Use your UMD userID (without the extension!) and password combination to login to the system.

Create a Gradebook

When you first access the eGradebook system, you will see the link "Create a New EGradebook". At this point, you have no gradebooks associated with your classes.

To create a new gradebook:

  1. Click the link "Create a New EGradebook"
  2. On the "New EGradebook" page, you will see a list of classes (by section) for which you are the official instructor of record. Click the button to the left of the class or class section for which you want to create a gradebook.
  3. Click the "Create Gradebook" button near the bottom of the page

If you do not see a class that you expected, please check to be sure that you have been entered as instructor for this course in the official class database. This will save headaches at the end of the term when you need to record final grades for the class.

If you are the official instructor of record for a class that is not listed in the eGradebook system, please inform Shelly McCauley Jugovich (x6862 or email or Bruce Reeves (x6831 or email

Note: once you have a gradebook created and configured, you may want to create similar gradebooks using the "Using preferences from:" option near the bottom of the page.

Create Categories

In order to create assignments in eGradebook, you must have at least one category.

A category is a "container" or grouping of various assignments. For instance, you might have three tests: Test 1, Test 2, and Test 3 - which would all belong to the category "Tests". Before you can create each of these tests, you must first create their associated category: "Tests".

To create a category:

  1. Choose the appropriate gradebook from your list of existing gradebooks, or create one using the steps above
  2. Click on the link "Categories"
  3. Click on the "Add New" button

For further information on how to create or edit a category, see the help system's Categories section.

If you do not use categories to help organize scores and calculate grades, create only one category and use that for all assignments.

Create Assignments

Once you have created at least one category, you may create assignments that fit into that category.

Note that we use the term "Assignment" to include any scored assessment piece you might use in calculating grades.

To create an assignment:

For further information on how to create or edit an assignment, see the help system's Assignments section.

Help System

The general help system for eGradebook is online at:

Also, check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or contact Bruce Reeves at 6831 ( or Shelly McCauley Jugovich at 6862 (

eGradebook Workshops

Workshops for eGradebook will be conducted by ITSS this term, depending upon demand. Please check the workshop schedule for times and to register for a specific workshop.


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