Display Options


All options that control what information is displayed, either to the instructor or to the student, are located on this page. Click on check box for the items that you would like to view as a faculty member (Instructor column) and click the check box for the items you want your students to view (Student column) and click on the update button to save your preferences.

Instructor and Student Display Options

Display Options

Option Description

Instructor Default

Student Default
Show ID Numbers UMN ID number (e.g., 1234567).    
Show Student Names Student name from PeopleSoft (e.g., Ben E Hill). x  
Show Student Usernames UMN Internet ID as live email link (e.g., umds0051).    
Show Dropped Students Dropped students remain visible but are separated and put at the bottom of the eGradebook.    
Default Student Sort

Student sort appearance. Options are:

  • UMN ID ( ex. 0101010)
  • Last Name (ex. Smith)
  • Internet ID (ex. smit0000)
Summary Appears on Left Side Placement of "Grades," "Total," "Total %," and "Attendance" if shown. x  
Summary Appears on Right Side Placement of "Grades," "Total," "Total %," and "Attendance" if shown.    
Show Standard Deviation When selected, the standard deviation is calculated as the square root of the mean of the sum of the squares of the deviations, and is displayed.    
Show Mean When selected, the mean is calculated as the sum of all scores in the distribution divided by the total number of scores in the distribution, and is displayed.    
Show Median When selected, the median is calculated as the middle of a distribution of scores, and is displayed.    
Show Mode When selected, the mode is calculated as the most frequently occurring number in the distribution of scores, and is displayed. If more than one number have greatest frequency, then all modes are displayed.    
Show T-Scores When selected, the T-Score is calculated as having a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10, and is displayed.    
Show Z-Scores When selected, the Z-Score is calculated as having a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1, and is displayed.    
Show Grades Student's overall grade in class.    
Show Break Points A separate table showing your grade cutoffs.    
Show Total Points Student's total points in class (point based only).    
Show Total % Student's overall percentage in class.    
Show Category Summary Shows average grade in each category (grade weighted) or total points in each category (point based).    
Show Attendance Student's attendance record in summary.    
Default Assignment Sort

Assignments sort appearance. Options are:

  • Category
  • Chronological
  • Reverse Chronological
Chronological Chronological

Attendance Information and General Information:

Display Settings 2


Option Description Default
Attendance Span Attendance Span is the number of weeks that will show in the attendance window 3
Class Alias

This represents the class email alias. If you wish to use the class email alias, you must first activate the alias before using the link. To make your request:

Class email alias list requests

Description Title of class or anything you want to identify class.  
Component Lecture, lab, etc.  
Room Campus location of class.  
Start Time Class start time.  
End Time Class end time.  
Days Days of the week the class meets (affects attendance only).  
Term Start Date Beginning date of class (affects attendance only).  
Term End Date Ending date of class (affects attendance only).  
Comments All students enrolled in the course will see any comments placed within the comments window.