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ITSS Critical Processes and Teams

We have defined four critical processes which identify what we need to do in order to effectively accomplish our mission. The first three critical processes described below relate to delivery of high-quality technology solutions to our customers. The fourth process recognizes the importance of ongoing resource management to ensure that those solutions remain available, affordable, up-to-date and effective.

ITSS Teams: Missions and Membership

ITSS Teams provide support for our critical processes, and in some cases there are multiple teams per process. All of our teams are listed below followed by a brief statement of individual team mission and the team membership list.

Accounting Team - (email: accteam)

Mission: Ensure responsible accounting, billing, and reporting of all ITSS funds in compliance with University fiscal policies and procedures.

Classroom Team - (email: crteam)

Mission: Ensure access to a wide variety of classroom equipment and services in support of instruction at UMD.

Desktop Support Team - (email: dtteam)

Mission: Improve planning and delivery of desktop support services for UMD faculty, staff and students, helping them to be successful and independent in their work with electronic information and computing applications.

Educational Technology & Training Team - (email: trteam)

Mission: Provide support for faculty, enabling them to use technology to enhance teaching, learning, and research as well as encouraging them to model effective and ethical use of technology for their students.

Enterprise Systems Team - (email: esteam)

Mission: Support and improve campus and department requests for information, training and reporting which use University legacy and enterprise systems as the reference for source data.

HelpDesk Team - (email: hdteam)

Mission: The ITSS Help Desk is the primary contact for the information technology problem reporting and technical assistance needs of the UMD campus community. The Help Desk serves as a liaison between our customers and the ITSS technical staff, monitoring and coordinating solutions to customer needs. Help Desk staff strive to ensure customer satisfaction by providing prompt, courteous, and effective support.

Management Team - (email: mgtteam)

Mission: Effectively and efficiently plan, organize, direct, and control organizational resources in pursuit of organizational goals. Pay special attention to our most important resource, our staff members.

Phone/Network Team- (email: pnteam)

Mission: Provide and maintain quality telecommunications and network products and services. Provide the campus wire and fiber backbone; the technical services related to the telecommunications area; the connectivity to the telephone and computing equipment in offices, residence halls, and remote sites; and long distance phone service.

Security Team (email: secteam)

Mission: Address the many security concerns ranging from systems, network, end user workstations, credit card processing, and forensics. Recommend and evaluate policy and procedures, establish preventative techniques, and manage incident detection and response.

Student Computing Team - (email: scteam)

Mission: Design, implement, manage and improve ITSS funded student computing areas, which include Macintosh and Windows full access labs, and Sun, Windows and Macintosh general access computing areas. Assist in the daily management of and develop policies and procedures for these areas.

Student Supervision Team - (email: ssteam)

Mission: Provide support for ITSS supervisors of student employees, including producing written material to clarify the roles of student employees and the policies and practices of student supervision. Promote the most efficient and equitable environment for students to provide excellent service and benefit from a great work experience.

Systems Team - (email: systeam)

Mission: Ensure access to computing resources for the UMD campus community. Provide an accessible and standardized set of system services by utilizing open-architecture and highly-integrated server platforms. Support distributed databases, high-speed computing, distributed printing, and other large-scale services with high-speed access by using a variety of compute servers. Balance security and access to these systems for the UMD campus community.

TechCenter Team - (email: tech-staff)

Mission: Improve process and delivery of TechCenter services: computer service and repair; help desk (phone and on-site); classroom and student computing lab technology support; computer imaging and management; and general technical support.

Web Team - (email: wwwteam)

Mission: Develop, and facilitate development of accurate, well organized, and accessible technical documentation and other written information in support of ITSS and other UMD organizations.

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