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Classroom Technology

Active Learning
The intention of Active Learning classrooms is to move from a traditional, passive, lecture-based model of instruction into an active, collaborative, inquiry-based model. Library 410 is an example of an evolutionary active learning classroom.
AV Checkout Equipment
Computers and projectors for presentations and other types of audio visual equipment.
Information regarding captioning pre-recorded and live streaming video.
Classroom Technology User Guides
Detailed step-by-step online user guides for all high tech equipment found in the auditoriums and general purpose classrooms.
Equipment in Classrooms
Technology equipment that is in the auditoriums and general purpose classrooms.
ITV, Distance Education, Videoconferencing
Information on the interactive television classrooms.
Multimedia Hub
Incorporate video, sound, images, text, and/or animation into a presentation, lecture, or class.
Equipment, services for academic units, and trainining policies.
Student Response Systems (SRS)
Instructions for Student Response Systems (SRS) also known as Clickers.