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Help! I want to get my computer, phone, iPad, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U, Blu-ray player, and TV all online. Can it be done?

The Short Answer: Sure! ITSS does not place limitations on the types of devices you may use on our network, nor do we restrict traffic by type. Routers and other networking devices are the major exception to this rule. Because of the disruptions they cause, personal wired or wireless hubs and routers are not allowed on the University's network. Please leave yours at home.

Find out how to register your computer or other device.

The Longer Answer: ITSS can help get your device registered on the UMD network, but we can't guarantee that it will work. Many devices designed to work easily on a home network don't mesh well with the type of network designed to be used by 10,000+ people. While we'd love to have everything work perfectly, our resources are finite, and therefore our support is focused on making sure that you can get your computer online to do your homework.

We don't restrict traffic, but please remember that bandwidth is limited. Each time we increase our bandwidth, it is immediately used up! Many of us in ITSS enjoy things like online gaming as much as you do, and we sympathize when things get slow. While we are always open to feedback on ways we can improve, please understand that our priorities must focus on supporting our educational mission.


Devices with known issues connecting to or functioning properly on the UMD Network:

Sorry, there's currently no way that we can guarantee that all of your devices will end up on the same subnet. Which subnet they're on may even change hour to hour or day to day.


Xbox Live is giving me MTU errors when I try to connect. Can you fix the network or adjust the firewall?

Usually MTU errors happen when the MAC address of a manually registered Xbox system is typed in wrong. Please check to see that you have a valid IP address. (Valid IPs at UMD start with 131.) If you're not getting a valid IP, please check your settings or cables and try re-registering your system. We do not block online gaming.


I received a DMCA - Copyright Infringement notice from ITSS. What does this mean?

While the University does not monitor network traffic for content, the recording and motion picture industries do monitor networks for illegal sharing of their copyrighted materials via peer-to-peer (P2P) software. When they find evidence of this on a computer on our network, they send the University a DMCA "cease and desist" notice, which we in turn pass on to the student.


What should I do if I receive a Copyright Infringement notice from ITSS?

For a first notice, your network access is temporarily disabled and you must review the UMD Network Terms and Conditions and re-register your computer to regain access. Additional notices have more restrictive consequences.




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