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Web Server Upgrade

Warning: Your web pages may not work after October 31, 2011!

ITSS is upgrading our existing web server ( to newer hardware and software.This guide will help you prepare for the changes that will happen on Monday, October 31, at 6AM. If your web sites do not use CGI or data base systems it is very likely no changes will need to be made to your web sites. If you do use CGI (PHP, Perl, C, C++, etc), then it's important that you test and be prepared to update your web pages on the October 31 conversion day. 

Here is some information about the new server:

How much work might it be to convert to the new server?

One way to check to see if CGI has been found with your name on it:

ITSS staff were able to match up user names that own the web pages with files that contain CGI scripting. Clicking below (List your files that contain CGI references) will bring you to a list of user names. There are three categories to review. If your name pops up in the list you can then click on your name and you will see a list of pages of CGI directives that belong to you:
List of your files that contain CGI references

How to test your pages:

It is easy to test the first page of a web site. Instead of using the current web site:
use the temporary name for the new one:

If the CGI portion of your web site is utilized within the first page of your web site works you may not need to change anything. If it does not work then you should take a look at the web logs.

Web log information.

There are a set of logs that you can view that might shed light on what is not working correctly. A server called "bulldog" has been created and an account has been opened for you. Usually access is done from your system using something like ssh. Here are some basic instructions on how to access the logs:

[a] Login to
[b] cd /usr/local/apache/log

The Apache logs are synched every minute.  The current logs (basically for today and the past couple days) have read permissions for all. Older logs are compressed by a log manager on web2 and are not readable without permission and decompression.

Log files available for use:

access.log - contains connects to URL
error.log - contains errors
other_vhosts_access.log - access log for virtual systems

The error log info for virtual hosts can be found in error.log .

As a reminder, logs may contain potentially sensitive information. Please use this information carefully and do not share information with others.

What if you have issues and need help?

Enclosed is a list of support people broken down by major unit. Support staff have already been warned about the web service conversion on Monday, October 31. Watch for future announcements regarding corrections for this upcoming conversion.
CEHSP:      Lynn Hegrenes
COPD:        Daniel Filipiak
CS:              Jim Luttinen
CLA:           Peter Angelos
SCSE:         Terry Guggenbuehl
LSBE:         Rick Brill
MED:          Brad Ingersoll
NRRI:         Greg Grunwald, Chris Heim
SFA:           Arden Weaver

Limited ITSS Staff Help Available

You can contact our Help Desk and they will open up a ticket for staff who will then contact you for details. Help from our staff will be billed at our usual rate (see rates HERE).

Request for a test run ahead of the October 31, 2011 deadline

Several faculty/staff have asked whether we can do a test web conversion ahead of the October 31 deadline. After additional ITSS staff discussions we are still inclined to say "no test". Here are some reasons why:

Everyone can do some testing (first pages for sure) at:{unitname}

Please feel free to contact me with questions about this major upgrade to the new system and new features.
Office: 218-726-8846

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