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Large Lakes Observatory
great lakes from space
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Tom Johnson

Regents Professor

Large Lakes Observatory
University of Minnesota Duluth
2205 E. 5th St.,
Research Laboratory Building 204
Duluth, MN 55812

Tel. (218) 726-8128

Fax: (218) 726-6979

email: tcj at


  • Paleoclimatology based on the analysis of lake sediment cores, on time scales ranging from decades to millennia, focusing on tropical East Africa.
  • Sedimentary processes in large lakes, including lake floor morphology, sediment erosion and redeposition by bottom currents, and pore water geochemistry.
  • Acoustic remote sensing of large lake basins, using high-resolution seismic reflection profiling, side scan sonar and multi-beam sonar.
  • Water sustainability and climate in the Great Lakes region of East Africa.


Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Ph.D.
University of Washington, B.S.


  • The nature of tropical climate change in East Africa based on analysis of sediment cores from the large lakes of the Rift Valley.
  • Developing new analytical approaches for improving our interpretation of lake sediment records in terms of past environmental conditions and refining the geochronology in lake sediment cores.
  • Sedimentary processes in large lakes: turbidity plumes and the effects of surface and internal waves on sediment dynamics.
  • Sustaining water quality and biodiversity in the Great Lakes of East Africa.


(* refers to graduate student or post-doc advisee)

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