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Recent Student Publications


Recent Student Research Topics

Graduate students must either complete a thesis or an approved project that must be presented to the department in a seminar or colloquium, and prepared for publication as a departmental technical report. Below is a list of projects that our recent graduates have chosen to research.



Eigenvalue approximations of the wave equation with local Kelvin-Voigt damping

by Christopher Boamah-Mensah

Advisor: Steven Trogdon


Generalized Chimera States in Two Interacting Populations of Kuramoto Oscillators

by Sol Dib

Advisor: Bruce Peckham


Isomorphic Decompositions of Complete Graphs into Unicyclic Graphs

by John Fahnenstiel

Advisors: Dalibor Froncek & Tereza Kovarova


Risk Estimation for Large Portfolio based on POET

by Ying Liu

Advisors: Kang James & Barry James


Covering Cover Pebbling Number for Cartesian Products of Paths

by Ian McGahan

Advisors: Dalibor Froncek & Sylwia Cichacz-Przenioslo


Infinite levels of complexity in a family of one-dimensional singular dynamical systems

by Evan Oman

Advisor: Bruce Peckham


Mixed model analysis for repeated measures of lettuce growth

by Levi Pederson

Advisor: Yang Li


An Application of Fractal Analysis and Wearable Tech to the Health of the Heart

by Erik Peterson

Advisor: Bruce Peckham


2-Swappability and Edge Reconstruction Number of Regular Graphs

by Michael Ross

Advisors: Dalibor Froncek & Steve Rosenberg


Investigating Traces of Matrix Products

by Andrew Schneider

Advisor: John Greene


Graph Labelings and Tournament Scheduling

by Aaron Shepanik

Advisor: Dalibor Froncek & Petr Kovar


New Methods for Magic Total Labelings of Graphs

by Inne Singgih

Advisors: Dalibor Froncek & Sylwia Cichacz-Przenioslo


Even Harmonious Labelings of Disconnected Graphs

by Danielle Stewart

Advisor: Joseph Gallian


Likelihood Ratio Test of Covariance Matrices of Normal Distributions Proportional to Identity Matrix

by Yi Xiao

Advisor: Yongcheng Qi


Weighted Kaplan-Meier Estimator For Different Sampling Methods

by Weitong Yin

Advisors: Barry James & Steven Chiou





A Study of Longitudinal Data Analysis with Applications

by Katherine Borchert

Advisors: Kang James & Xuan Li


Extreme Value Theorem

by Long Chen

Advisor: Yongcheng Qi


Recommender Systems & Applications

by Xiaowen Fang

Advisor: Kang James


Periodic Behavior in a Class of Second Order Recurrence Relations Over the Integers

by Brittany Fanning

Advisor: John Greene


Central Limit Theorem for Testing the Equality of Covariance Matrices

by Wenchuan Guo

Advisor: Yongcheng Qi


Estimation of Large Covariance Matrices using the POET Estimator

by Michal Hrabia

Advisors: Kang James & Barry James


Analyzing Demographic Risks in Long Term Care

by Shinjini Kar

Advisors: Barry James & Xuan Li


Asymptotic Expansion of Eigenvalues for an Abstract Sytem of Coupled Evolution Equations

by Zhaobin Kuang

Advisors: Zhuangyi Liu & Richard Maclin


S&P Effect and Investment Classification

by Xiao Li

Advisors: Zhuangyi Liu & Barry James


Magic Boxes and Related Topics

by Michael Lillegard

Advisor: Dalibor Froncek


Use of Chebyshev Polynomials to Construct L2 and Hilbert Space Inner Product to Solve Eigenvalue
Problems With High Accuracy

by Zhengfei Rui

Advisor: Steven Trogdon


A Study of the Lee-Carter Model and Its Extensions, with an Application to US Mortality Data

by Diwash Shrestha

Advisor: Xuan Li


Multivariate Bayesian Logistic Regression

by Xuran Yan

Advisors: Kang James & Barry James


Symmetric Chain Decompositions of Partially Ordered Sets

by Ondrej Zjevik

Advisors: John Greene & Dalibor Froncek




Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Time Trends in Hawk Migrations

by Marie Helbach

Advisor: Ron Regal

A Predator-Prey Model with Ratio-Dependent Food Processing Response

by Jana Hurkva

Advisor: Harlan Stech

Patterns in Continued Fraction Expansions

by Samuel Judnick

Advisor: John Greene

Independent Component Analysis (ICA) Using Concepts From Information Theory

by Collin McCauley Van Ryn

Advisor: Kang James

L1 Regularized High-Dimensional Sparse Regression

by Xingguo Li

Advisor: Kang James

Multivariate Multiple Regression Analysis with Application to Powerlifting Data

by Cassandra Quick

Advisor: Kang James

Even Harmonious Graphs

by Lori Ann Schoenhard

Advisor: Joseph Gallian

Tests for the change-point of AR(1) model

by Fang Yuan

Advisor: Kang James

Lipidomic and Transcriptomic Analysis in a Mammalian Hibernator

by Jeremiah Zblewski

Advisor: Marshall Hampton

CLT of Testing Independence of Normal Distributions for Arbitrary Partition

by Lin Zhang

Advisor: Yongcheng Qi

Meeting Times of Taboo Random Walk On Bipartite Graph

by Xianwu Zhang

Advisor: Barry James

Personalized Maximum Liklihood Estimation of Two-Parameter Exponential Distributions

by Mengjie Zheng

Advisor: Yongcheng Qi




Graceful Labeling Necklace Graphs
by Jacob Yunker
Advisor: Dalibor Froncek

Group Distance Magic Labeling for the Cartesian Product of Cycles
by Stephen Balamut
Advisor: Dalibor Froncek

Nonparametric Statistical Analysis of the Correlation Between Two Single-Neuron Firing Rates
by Lindsay Baun
Advisors: Kang James and Barry James

Non-Analytic Singular Continuations of Complex Analytic Dynamical Systems
by Brett David Bozyk
Advisor: Bruce Peckham

A Markov-Switching Dickey-Fuller Model of Purchasing Power Parity
by Jorge Castiblanco
Advisor: Barry James

The Tropical Geometry of Albouy-Chenciner Systems
by Michael Stephen Cook
Advisor: Marshall Hampton

An Approximation for the Coupon Collector's Problem
by Lin Dai
Advisors: Barry James and Kang James

The Transition Between the Complex Quadratic Map and the Henon Map
by Sarah N. Kabes
Advisor: Bruce Peckham

Two Types of Bit String Generating Functions
by Kyle Krueger
Advisor: John Greene

Regression on a Cylinder
by Xianjing Tang
Advisor: Kang James

The Temporal Correlation between Two Random Processes
by Zizhen Wu
Advisor: Barry James and Kang James

Triangle Counting in Large Networks
by Changyu Yang
Advisor: Kang James



Development of a Vegetation-Soil-Consumer Model with Harvesting
by Tom Sjoberg
Advisor: Harlan Stech

The Accuracy and Validity of Online Homework Systems
by Kathleen Malevich
Advisor: Carmen Latterell

The alignment of mass spectra and identification of biomarkers of pancreatic cancer
by Junmin Shi
Advisor: Ron Regal

Strengths and Drawbacks of Voting Methods for Political Elections
By Eric Erdmann
Advisor: Kathryn Lenz

Graceful Kayak Paddles
By Ann Litersky
Advisor: Dalibor Froncek

Optimal Spring-Damper Location for a Beam-Spring System
By Hao Han
Advisor: Zhuangyi Liu

Expression Patterns of Codon Usage and Homopolymers in the 13-Lined Ground Squirrel
By Amy Virta
Advisor: Marshall Hampton

Dodgson's Determinant: A Qualitative Analysis
By Amy Schmidt
Advisor: John Greene

An Investigation of Erd s’ Method: A Scheme for Generating Carmichael Numbers
By Trevor Brennan
Advisor: John Greene



A Study of Probability and Ergodic theory with applications to Dynamical Systems
by James Polsinelli
Advisors: Barry James and Bruce Peckham

Application of Gap statistics to Penalized Model-Based Clustering
by Wencheng Geng
Advisor: Kang James

Enrichment in a Stoichiometric Model of Two Producers and One Consumer
By Laurence Hao-Ran Lin, Bruce. B. Peckham, Harlan W. Stech, and John Pastor

Exploring the Method to Assess the Effectiveness of Countermeasures for Proactive Traffic Safety Improvement
by Fang Chen
Advisor: Zhuangyi Liu and Hongyi Chen

The Economic Utilization of Patients with Refractory Angina
by Ross Garberich
Advisor: Ron Regal

A Study of Robust Hybrids of LASSO and Ridge Regression and Applications
by Hongbo Lin
Advisor: Kang James

Chaos, Attractors and the Lorenz Conjecture: Noninvertible Transitive Maps of Invariant Sets are Sensitive
By Garrett Taft
Advisor: Bruce Peckham

A Comparison Study of Estimation Methods for Non-regular Distributions
by Nan Zhang
Advisors: Yongcheng Qi and Kang James

Use of Chebyshev Polynomials to Construct New Functions to Solve Partial Differential Equations With High Accuracy
by Qingtao Geng
Advisor: Steven Trogdon

Stress Analysis of Biomaterial Cutting Process
by Xiaoli Wang
Advisor: Kang James and Debao Zhou

Enrichment in a Producer-Consumer Model with varying rates of Stoichiometric Elimination
by  Xinyuan Zhang
Advisor: Bruce Peckham

Modeling Count Data from Hawk Migrations
by Fengying Miao
Advisor: Ron Regal



An Academic Trajectory of a Typical STEM Student
by Bryan Freyberg
Advisors: Carmen Latterell and Harlan Stech

Penalized Model-Based Clustering
by Wei Zhang
Advisor: Kang James

Active Control of Impulsive Noise
by Ronghua Zhu
Advisor: Zhuangyi Liu

Numerical Analysis of Cooling Effects of a Cylinder Head Water Jacket
by Qingzhao Wang
Advisor: Steven Trogdon

Characterize Symmetric Non-Negative Homogenous Polynomials on Geometric Configurations
by Kristyna Korinkova
Advisor:  Marshall Hampton

Spatially Correlated Mixture Models with Application in Genomic Hypothesis Testing
by Jie Ren
Advisor: Kang James



On a System of Wave Equation and Thermoelastic Equation Coupled at the Interface 
by Ran Wei
Advisor: Zhuangyi Liu   

Support Vector Machines for Binary Classification and its Applications
by Brad Jannesen
Advisor: Ron Regal

What Makes a Champion? A Multivariate Analysis of Major League Baseball
by Lindsey Dietz
Advisor: Barry James

Generalized Additive Model
by Huimin Liu    
Advisor: Kang James

Lasso and Its Applications
by Xiaoxi Zhao
Advisor: Kang James


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