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Graduation Checklist, Undergraduate

Step 1: Degree completion

Check your APAS degree audit and speak to your adviser about any remaining credits or courses you may need to complete your degree. Also, verify that your major(s) and minor(s) are declared and that the catalog year you are following for your degree requirements has been entered into your APAS. The Office of the Registrar uses the APAS for degree clearance.

Step 2: Know the deadlines

Check the deadlines to apply for graduation.

Step 3: Apply to graduate

Submit the online .
Earning more than one degree? Complete a separate application for each degree. *Note: Select the semester in which you are completing all your degree requirements (This is the last semester you enroll in classes).

Step 4: Holds

 on your records that may affect your degree posting and ability to obtain your diploma or final transcript.

Step 5: Financial obligations

Check for any remaining balance on . You will not receive a diploma or transcript until your account is paid in full.

Step 6: Commencement

Go to "Commence! UMD Commencement Manager" to verify name, address, and sign up to participate in commencement.

Step 7: Gradfair

Attend Gradfair, the one-stop shop for all your graduation needs.

Step 8: Exit Interview

An Exit Interview is required by federal regulations for all students who have received one or more of the following loans: Federal Direct Stafford, Perkins, and University Trust.

Step 9: Career Services

Take the Graduate Follow-up Survey

If you would like help with planning your career, finding employment or gathering information on graduate or professional school, visit Career Services. Services are provided to students and alumni.

Step 10: Alumni Association

Congratulations, you are now a member of the UMD Alumni Association.