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Grades and Credits

When determining if you are meeting standards, your grades and credits are tallied according to these guidelines:

  • Attempted credits include grades of A, B, C, D, F, I, N, NG, P, S, T, W, X, and blank.
  • Earned (completed) credits include grades of A, B, C, D, NG, P, S and T.
  • If you repeat a course, credits for each time you register will be added to your attempted/earned credit totals. However, only the most recent grade received in the course will be used in the calculation of your cumulative GPA.
  • Remedial and ESL (English as Second Language) credit equivalences are included in the calculation of both attempted and earned hours and in determining if you meet SAP GPA requirements.
  • Transfer, consortium, and credits by exam accepted by the University of Minnesota Duluth, will be included when calculating your credit completion ratio and maximum time frame, but not your GPA. This includes credits earned from non-U of M study abroad programs.
  • Extended term distance education courses are considered attempted, but not earned until a grade is submitted.
  • Audit (V) credits are not considered either attempted or earned.
  • Undergraduate credits taken while you are a graduate student are included in your cumulative GPA and maximum timeframe.
  • You may receive financial aid for only one repetition of a course previously taken with a passing grade.
  • Retroactively dropped courses through the petition process are also counted as credits attempted but not successfully completed.

If incomplete (I) credits are a factor in failure to complete 67% of the attempted credits, completion of these credits may be used to reestablish eligibility for financial aid. Once an incomplete has been completed and a permanent grade has been recorded, it is the student's responsibility to request reevaluation of his/her SAP status; otherwise, it will be recalculated in the end-of-the-term SAP evaluation.