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Refund Policy

Tuition and Fees–There are no retroactive refunds for either cancelling a class or withdrawing from a semester.

The date you process the cancellation of a course on the Web is the date used to determine your refund amount. Refunds apply to tuition, the student services fee, and course fees but not to certain special fees.

Special consideration will be given for course cancellation due to medical problems, attendance at other academic institutions, rules of individual academic departments or, active military duty. You must provide documentation for exemption from the refund policy using the Tuition Refund Petition form.

Tuition and course fees are refunded on the following schedule: if you cancel through Tuesday of the second week of the semester, you will receive a 100% refund; 75% during the second week; 50% during the third week; 25% during the fourth week; and 0% thereafter. Shorter-length courses have an abbreviated refund schedule.

Unless you offi cially cancel, you will be held responsible for full tuition and fees for all courses on your registration. Failure to attend class does not by itself constitute cancellation. If you decide before the semester begins not to attend the courses for which you are registered, cancel officially before the first day of classes. If you fail to cancel any courses for which you have registered but not paid, you will receive billing statements from Student Financial Services for your tuition and fees. Unless you make full payment by the due date on the billing statement, you will be charged additional late payment penalties and a hold will be placed on your record.

Individualized Instruction (INI) Courses– INI courses follow the regular class refund schedule. Unless otherwise noted in the course listing, INI refunds are based on the date you register for the course.

As with any UMD course, a student can drop an INI course online through the tenth week of the semester; however, because the time periods for INI courses are unique, tuition will not always calculate correctly. Once you drop the INI course online yourself and if you do not receive the correct refund, contact the Office of the Registrar at (218) 726-8887 or to have your refund reviewed.

After the tenth week of the semester, drop requests for INI courses are done by petition.