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Non-Degree Payment Plan Application

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  • All Non-degree students are required to pay 100 percent of their tuition and fees by the first payment due date.
  • This application for the Non-degree Payment Plan must be submitted and accepted by the first billing date.

I understand that:

  • To be eligible for the Payment Plan, I must pay 33.3 percent of my total tuition and fees by the first payment due date or I will be dropped from all my courses.
  • I must be registered for at least one course before applying for the Non-degree Payment Plan.
  • This agreement is for one semester only and must be renewed each semester.
  • Failure to make my payments on time will result in being dropped from all courses. Re-enrollment requires a completed petition form.
  • Failure to make my payments on time may make me ineligible for this payment option in the future.
  • Billing statements will be sent to my UMD email account. I will not receive paper statements.
  • I am responsible for checking my¬†UMD Student¬†Account to view bills and to make online payments for tuition and fees on the scheduled due dates.

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Application for Non-degree Payment Plan

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